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Sperm from Foreign Donors Generates More Pregnancies than Israeli Sperm, Study Finds

Haaretz,  June 19, 2012

In Israel, a study has found that using sperm from foreign donors to perform in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination makes a successful pregnancy more likely than using local sperm donations. The research was conducted at Assaf Harofeh Hospital by a team led by Prof. Arieh Raziel, who directs the hospital's sperm bank. The researchers checked the data of 11,052 fertility treatments that used sperm from Israeli donors, and compared them to 2,834 treatments that used sperm imported from the United States between 2000 and 2010. The results of the treatments were obtained by a telephone survey among Israeli hospitals that perform these fertility procedures. The study found that using a foreign sperm donation for IVF was more likely to lead to a successful pregnancy: 7.9 percent of those undergoing treatment with foreign sperm got pregnant compared to 4.1 percent of those treated with Israeli sperm. Similar data was obtained for artificial insemination.

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