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In UK, Old-Style IVF Revives Dreams of Motherhood for Older Women

Daily Mail,  Mar 9, 2012

An older form of IVF has helped women who had given up hope of having their own genetic children become mothers after all. The women, who were close to menopause, had been told their only chance was to use donor eggs, a method that would have meant their child had someone else’s genes. Instead, fertility doctors tried a drug-free or low-drug IVF technique, similar to the one used in the earliest days of IVF. In 2011 at one IVF clinic, 30 percent of the women aged between 40 and 42 treated this way became pregnant. And 16 percent of the 56 women who had been told that their only option was to find an egg donor are due to have babies. Although this is lower than the success rate for using donor eggs, the children will be genetically their own.

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