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Father to Son Sperm Donation: Too Bizarre for Child?

MSNBC,  Mar 23, 2012

After three years of trying to conceive, a married couple in the Netherlands in their early 30s learned they could not have a child because the husband produced no sperm. They did not want to use sperm donated from a stranger, partly because this would mean the child would not share genes with the husband's side of the family. But because the husband had no brothers to donate, the couple seemed at a loss on how to pass on his gene pool. Then the couple thought of an unconventional solution: Use sperm from the husband's father. The child produced from this union of egg and sperm would have a "father" who was his biological half- brother, and a "grandfather" who was his biological father. Though not common, donations of sperm, egg or womb from family members to couples trying to conceive are not technically illegal, and do happen.

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