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Tri-State Doctor Among First in the Nation to Perform Hybrid IVF

WCPO,  May 9, 2012

For religious or moral issues, some couples who have trouble getting pregnant do not want to try some forms of fertility treatment, because it goes against their beliefs. A few fertility doctors across the nation, such as Dr. Michael Thomas at the UC Center For Reproductive Health, are trying a new, hybrid method that does not involve frozen embryos, and for some, it's working. One couple did a stimulated IVF cycle, but only a few eggs were fertilized to try and create two or three embryos. The rest of the eggs are frozen instead of freezing embryos.

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After reading the article I was a bit stymied. Hybrid IVF? What the UC doctors are doing is no different from what any other IVF center is able to do or offer their patients. This couple elected not to have embryos frozen for "religious, moral" reasons. After a normal, stimulated IVF cycle, they ended up with four embryos, two fertilized and two were transferred. The two embryos "took" and now they are on their way to having twins. If all four embryos had fertilized then they would have had to either request that all four be transferred or destroy some. According to ASRM guidelines, only two embryos are recommended to be transferred up to a certain age or under certain circumstances. I find it interesting when physicians come up with a new name for a procedure or method that is not really new after all. I am also confused by the suggestion that ART in some way, shape or form is accepted by the Catholic church. The Catholic church does not condone any form of ART, which is what this couple opted to do out of their own free will. For the article to suggest that IVF would be "okay" to do for Catholics who seek to adhere to their religion's rules is a fallacy. It was not until the very end of the article that the reporter "mentions" that the Catholic church does not accept ART. She persisted in asking the priest about destroying embryos, though. I feel this article was written in a very misleading manner. I specialize in IVF and all other forms of ART at my center in Monterey, CA and have had many patients with whom we have accomodated for their religious beliefs. Edward Ramirez, M.D.

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