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Male Fertility Restored With Missing Sperm Protein

Medical News Today,  Sept 24, 2012

Male infertility can be the result of sperm missing just one vital protein, which is necessary to activate the egg when the sperm fuses with it. But injecting that egg with the missing protein can "kick-start" the vital processes of embryo development, and dramatically increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

These are the findings of a new study by a team at Cardiff University in the UK who write about their work in a paper being published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. They suggest the findings strengthen the case for the potential use of the protein in treating male infertility.

The team points out that an important feature of their study is they used human sperm PLCz; previous studies showing such positive results had only been done in mice.

There is however, still a way to go before the protein can be used in clinical treatments...

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