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Uterine Transplant Recipient Pregnant via Frozen Embryo Transfer

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FertilityAuthority,  April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

A new report says that the first ever uterus cadaver transplant was not only successful, but the recipient is now pregnant.

Twenty-two year old Derya Sert, born without a uterus, received a cadaveric uterus donation in August 2011 with the goal of successfully carrying a pregnancy. Embryos created of Sert’s eggs and her husband’s sperm were frozen until medical teams were confident the transplant was accepted and ready to bear a pregnancy.

The frozen embryo transfer was completed on April 1, 2013, and Sert is now pregnant. There are still some unknown risks to the child, including birth defects due to the use of immunosuppressive drugs which prevent the body’s rejection of the donor organ.

Sert’s physician, Professor Mustafa Unal of the University Hospital in Turkey has said of her condition: "The early test results within the past two weeks are compatible with expected pregnancy symptoms. The patient's overall health condition is fine.”

Though Sert is still early in her pregnancy, her medical team plans to deliver the baby via c-section in several months and remove the donor uterus to avoid risk of infection or prolonged exposure to immunosuppressive drugs.


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