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Professor Supports Claim that Ice Improves Male Fertility

FertilityAuthority,  Mar 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

In response to a new product on the market claiming to improve male fertility, a professor at the University of Lagos has stated that ice really can improve sperm quality and quantity.

Idowu Taiwo, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Cell Biology and Genetics at the University of Lagos says that men can increase their fertility by icing their scrotum, thereby reducing temperatures and promoting conditions for healthy sperm production.

Men are cautioned that extreme heat conditions as found in saunas, hot tubs, or even by wearing clothing that is too warm or placing a laptop on their laps have been shown to impact fertility.

Professor Taiwo issued this statement in response to a new undergarment for men, called Snowballs, which cools the scrotum using ice packs and claims to boost fertility.

Taiwo stated that poor sperm quality or quantity due to excessive heat exposure could improve if temperatures are reduced.

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