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Tasmania Shortage of Sperm Donors

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TasIVF turns to US for donors,  Nov 18, 2013

Tasmanian women may soon have a shorter wait for sperm donors when help comes from overseas according to TasIVF. Currently, women waiting for eggs have a two year wait, and those waiting for sperm have a one year wait. This is even with the trend in increased donors over the last year. In Australia, it is illegal to compensate donors, all donations must be altruistic. About 50% of of all donations are known donors, which means they are known to the person they are donating to.

Most women waiting for donors are in their 30's, when fertility timing is of the essence. Although the sperm will be more readily available, the added importation costs will be passed on to patients. All imported donors will meet the same identification process as those in the country.

Tasmania has gained a reputation as an Australian leader in IVF with the highest success rates.

To chat with others about selecting a sperm donor, you can contact women on the Donor Issues Forum of FertileThoughts.


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