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Field Fertility

Emily Dubin Field, MBA, is the business and client manager at Field Fertility Law. Her husband Gregg is the practice’s third party reproductive attorney. Emily and her husband felt a deep calling to help others who are in their shoes and now lend their professional backgrounds to couples creating or growing their families. At Field Fertility, they believe that there is nothing that can make more of a difference in our world then our future children!

Emily is a mom thanks to her Reproductive Endocrinologist, IVF, science, their surrogacy agency, their third party reproductive attorney and their incredible surrogate and her family. She is very open about her fertility journey and feels that when you go through something in life then who better than you to do something about it. Emily has her MBA in nonprofit management and has dedicated her career to making a difference in the world. Emily is also a member of the Society of Ethics of Egg Donation and Surrogacy. She can be reached anytime at


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