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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Adrienne Kramer, RN

Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ)

December 2012

“Adrienne is one of the most compassionate and helpful people I'd worked with during my infertility journey. Not only did she take the time to respond to my calls and emails while I was her patient, but even more recently when I'm feeling very blessed for my twins and send a little update or hello, she still responds. It is obvious that Adrienne really loves her job. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with her during such a fragile time in my life.” – Former IVF patient

FertilityAuthority is pleased to honor Adrienne Kramer, BS, RN, Senior Nurse Coordinator with RMA of New Jersey, as Nurse of the Month.

Kramer, a labor and delivery nurse who’s been a fertility nurse for 13 years says her career has come full circle, working in areas that are, “helping to create life and helping to bring life into the world.”

Patient education is a large part of Kramer’s role. At RMA of NJ, each patient is assigned a nurse, to ensure consistent coverage. So on average she’s dealing with 25-30 patients a day, following up after blood work and ultrasounds. In addition, she works with new patients, implementing their treatment plans. “I like knowing that the perspective that I give patients helps get them through the day, gives them hope or helps them know exactly what’s going on so they understand it,” Kramer says.

Kramer works primarily with Dr. Richard Scott, who in addition to his clinical practice is involved in a good deal of research. I asked her how involved she is with the studies. She says, “He includes everybody who’s interested to learn about it.” And Kramer falls in that category. Not only must she understand the studies to help recruit patients and help them understand the study once they are enrolled, she’s also really interested in the science behind the treatment.

But there are challenges, Kramer says, particularly when you have a patient who needs to move on from IVF treatment. “Sometimes you need to be there to help the patient transition, whether they’re going to donor egg, adopt or move on. And the emotional side of helping them through that is important,” she adds. “I cry with my patients when they’re sad, I laugh with my patients when things go well.”

The philosophy that guides her? Treat people the way you want to be treated. And, she adds, as a fertility nurse you just need to sit back and listen to your patients. “Sometimes they need a shoulder to cry on and sometimes they need someone to sit back and say ‘hey this is the way it is’. You have to take the vibe from the patient. What we do here is so amazing, that even with the sadness involved sometimes, it’s a wonderful place to work.”

FertilityAuthority congratulates Adrienne Kramer on being recognized as Nurse of the month.

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