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Fertility Nurse of the Month: Jodi McFarland, RN

Advanced Reproductive Medicine, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, April 12, 2012

April 2012

Each month, FertilityAuthority receives nominations from patients who would like their IVF nurse to be recognized as Fertility Nurse of the Month. We received several nominations for Jodi McFarland, RN, IVF coordinator at Advanced Reproductive Medicine (ARM) in Colorado Springs. Following is what one patient had to say:

    “Infertility is one of the most emotionally draining processes that I've ever experienced. When your hope (and finances) are at an all-time low, it takes a very special and sympathetic individual to keep you focused on your goals. Jodi is such a person.

    As I cried in the exam room after my fifth failed IUI, Jodi was there to soothe my bruised hopes and offer words of encouragement. When we decided to try IVF — a financially challenging endeavor — she was there to guide and assist us in any way she could. From last-minute appointments to panicked calls regarding injections — Jodi weathered every aspect of our IVF process with patience and genuine concern.

    We are now expecting our baby boy in one week (I can hardly believe it!), and I can honestly say that Jodi kept our dream alive during three years of disappointment and confusion. We would have done virtually anything to have a child of our own, and Jodi made sure we were offered every avenue and every possible opportunity.

    Thank you for your consideration of this kind, generous, and highly skilled individual. We owe so much more to her, but would love to see her recognized in this way.”

McFarland has worked with ARM in Colorado Springs for five of the 10 years she’s been an IVF Nurse. Having gone through infertility herself, she says she “felt the calling.”

She considers ARM to be a boutique practice — a small team that does approximately 40 IVF cycles a year. As such, she’s able to spend time with patients, guiding and supporting them through the IVF process. “I just remember going through it myself, and there were no support groups, and [no one] to really help me through it,” McFarland explains. “Other people just didn’t really understand. And I feel like that’s why I really go above and beyond a little bit.”

Her patients might argue that it’s more than a “little bit.” McFarland’s approach is very personal, and it’s important to her to address the “whole patient” — physically and emotionally. She founded a support group for all infertility patients in the area, which she and a co-worker lead. If an IVF cycle fails, she sends a note or calls. “It’s so hard on these patients, and I feel for them,” she says.

What motivates McFarland? “I think everybody deserves a chance to be a mother and a father and have a family, whatever the route it is,” she says. “I’m amazed that we have this technology and are able to help these people as best we can. And then if it doesn’t work through our modern scientific processes, then I try and help them work through, 'do I want to have my own child or am I okay with a [non-biological] child' and helping them through other options and the grief process.”

As the sole nurse in the practice, she appreciates that fact that she has the opportunity to get to really know her patients and work closely with them. McFarland says, “I make sure we take the extra step to go above and beyond to make it meaningful for both of us. And make sure I’m treating the patients how I wanted to be treated as a patient.”

FertilityAuthority congratulates Jodi McFarland on being recognized as Fertility Nurse of the Month.

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