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Acacio Fertility

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Acacio Fertility
27882 Forbes Road
Suite 200
Laguna Niguel , CA 92677



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I wish I didn't have to write

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I wish I didn't have to write this and things went great as Dr. Acacio had initially promised but unfortunately with this doctor you get no personal attention or personal treatment. As far as they're concerned, you're just a number in their "cycle". The first time around we had put in twins, everything was going great until I started getting progesterone allergies. Then they told me to switch to a different kind, I got allergies to that as well. Finally they advised to get the shot and a day after moaning and crawling on the floor from the pain of the shot I was rushed to ER where I miscarried. Dr. Acacio assured me that the progesterone shot had nothing to do with the miscarriage. But at the same time he had NO IDEA why I miscarried at 6 weeks after having great HCG levels for 2 weeks. It's amazing how when they are trying to up-sell you their 15-20 thousand dollar package they talk about their 7000 + babies and the successes and how many years of experience he has and how qualified he is and how awesome he is, but he doesn't know why his patient miscarries at 6 weeks after undergoing the tremendous burden of shots and hormone injections and medications? So we left it at that. A year later we went back to try again since we had another embryo with them. I again brought up the progesterone issue, I asked if maybe there are alternatives, my homeopathic Dr. told me I can get progesterone in my system in different ways. When I relayed this information to Dr. Acacio he raised his voice on me and started saying how he's a board certified doctor and all the other homeopath or natural doctors don't know anything and how I should never bring it up to him again. He became really upset yet he NEVER offered a solution to my problem. So finally when I asked him "what should I do than? my body is allergic to progesterone, it doesn't accept it" he said " you just have to put up with it." That was pretty strange coming from a "board certified" endocrinologist infertility specialist who has a gazillion pictures and articles attached on his walls. So I bit my tongue and said ok, I'll put up with it - but no shots, just the suppositories or medication. Same pattern, at 4 weeks they said I was pregnant, HCG levels were going up, 5 weeks later I started bleeding, at 6 weeks lost the pregnancy. When we asked the nurse why this happened, she said "I have no idea, we don't have cases like this." When I shared this with my OBGYN he said "that's ridiculous, he's been doing this for 15 years and you're the first one with a miscarriage at 6 weeks? and they don't know why it happened?" It is ridiculous!!! Dr. Acacio never had the decency to call us and say anything, even a simple "i'm sorry." They did call however 5 times a day when they had to collect their checks. They did call to make sure everything is paid months in advance. But when I lost both pregnancies, not a single phone call, email or a possible solution. $25000 later, no baby, no pregnancy and he claims to be the best of the best. Do yourself a favor, if you read this review, save your money and don't go to "Acacio Fertility Clinic" Try to get treated for whatever you have and conceive the natural way. But if you have to go the artificial route, find a doctor that cares because that will mean the doctor will treat you personally, take into consideration your body and physical abilities and not treat you as one of the many in the incubator: "hech if it happens it happens, if not she'll come back and spend another $25000" - this is Acacio Fertility Clinic's philosophy. SMH

Dr. Acacio Review

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I started IVF treatment with Dr. Acacio in April 2016. We chose him because we thought he knew the science behind IVF and felt confident that he would help us get pregnant with a healthy baby. (We had 2 miscarriages; 11 weeks and 26 weeks) I couldn't bear to go through that again so we did IVF for genetic reasons. I just finished my IVF journey unsuccessfully after 15 months. I did 6 cycles and went through 8 "perfect" embryos. Dr. Acacio knows his stuff but he does not admit to his failure. We felt he was very arrogant. I know two friends that left his office because of his staff and lack of communication as well.

Protected My Fertility

Your rating: 55 1
As a woman in her mid-twenties, I was devastated to find out that I had endometriosis. After years of hormone therapy, my OBGYN said surgery was the only option left. At this time I was referred to Dr. Acacio because I wanted to make sure that my fertility was protected and preserved if necessary. He is very knowledgeable, and was patient with me and my many questions. He made me feel like my integrity/dignity was protected throughout the process. Not only did he perform the surgery, but he also checked to make sure my capability of having children in the future wasn't compromised. He also found that one of my tubes was closed/blocked (which I had no idea about before!). Before the surgery I worried about whether or not I'd be able to have children, and now I am at peace knowing that I should be able to conceive naturally (though maybe not as fast as others), and that IF I do have more concerns or issues he will be the doctor I go to. All I can say is thank you.

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