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Bloom Reproductive Institute

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Bloom Reproductive Institute
8415 N. Pima Road
Suite 290
Scottsdale, AZ 85258



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Absolute perfection! I was treated so wonderfully by Dr. Behara, her entire Nursing team and office team that I wish I could have stayed throughout my entire pregnancy!! They are also exceptionally wonderful to/with SOs. Above all they helped me achieve my utlitmate goal and I am pregnant with my first child...thank you Bloom!

Horrible Doctor and Staffs

Your rating: 15 1
I totally second the above post. They charge huge amount of money but their service is nowhere close to what a IVF clinic should have. No proper care, no detailed analysis or plan about the patient. Multiple mistakes by the IVF coordinators (who have no knowledge). They tell lies to collect money quickly from the patients and once they have your money you are no more important to them. PLEASE AVOID THIS CLINIC AND DON'T WASTE ALL YOUR SAVINGS HERE.

Great staff, great outcome

Your rating: 55 1
We would have been disappointed if our IVF journey was not successful, but either way the staff at Bloom were fantastic and Dr. Behera was very thorough and recommended supplements and steps that other women I knew who were going through the same process did not have. We had a successful first round and haven't decided if we will attempt to have another baby, but if we do we will definitely go back to Behera.

Horrible Administration and Lack of Communication

Your rating: 15 1
I would have to say that the staff is friendly and nice however their administration is the worst I have ever seen. When I was going to Bloom I had continual mistakes on my IVF calendar, no notifications of medicine I was supposed to be taking after certain procedures and a day or two notification of procedures that were supposed to take place. If I wouldn't have reached out to them personally asking multiple questions there would have been multiple errors and problems that would have been missed. If you don't want to wait 30 minutes to an hour every visit then this isn't the place for you. The IVF and infertility process is hard enough on most women and the doctor/institute you hire to assist you with, whom you are paying a large amount of money, should make this process less stressful because of all the stress that one may be under already. However, my experience at Bloom I feel that they made it a much more stressful time for me with the multiple errors, lack of communication and unorganization. I times I feel that all the failed procedures I had while a patient at Bloom was partly because of the lack of care and detail they put into you as a patient. It's as if you are a number here and they herd you in and then get you directly to billing to get your money. They care more about your billing than they do about getting anything else right.

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