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Carolinas Fertility Institute

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Carolinas Fertility Institute
245 Charlois Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27103



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Dr. Yalcinkaya picked a

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Dr. Yalcinkaya picked a diagnosis, and was determined to stick with it despite any evidence to the contrary. On hearing I had not had success with IUI, he decided I either had mild endometriosis or PCOS - and picked PCOS despite the fact that the hormone tests did not support it, and some major symptoms were absent. It was just an "atypical presentation". There was no consideration of any alternative or less common explanations. When the fresh transfer after an IVF cycle didn't work, he again picked one reason and presented it as the only one - high estrogen levels from having stimulated so many follicles. He dismissed my concerns about previous failed IUIs on the grounds that that procedure doesn't have a high success rate. He stated in a meeting that he was "99% confident" that with normal estrogen levels a frozen transfer would be successful. Only when the frozen transfer didn't work did he start considering less common explanations, such as an altered window of receptivity, and proposed additional tests. Of course, in the same conversation he suggested that I take a home pregnancy test, because it was somehow more likely that a reputable lab had messed up a common blood test than that his program had somehow failed. This is not a doctor that will try to find answers for you. This is a doctor that will choose a diagnosis, proceed with it ignoring all evidence that doesn't quite fit, and only start looking for real explanations after the patient has paid for repeated failures.

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