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Center for Advanced Reproductive Services - Farmington

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2 Batterson Park Road
Farmington , CT 06032



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This place is fantastic

Your rating: 55 1
I'm not sure what clinic these poor reviews are for. I have never had any experience other than a positive one using the Center. Four sets of friends used the Center and referred them to me. Four, Like me, they never had a problem. I've had several kids using the Center and never, not once, in all the years going to them did I witness any unprofessional behavior, any indication that money was their primary goal, or incompetency in scheduling appointments and/or procedures..,Never...not in the old place nor in the new location.

Great Team

Your rating: 55 1
Dr. Benadiva and staff were all amazing. Because if them I now have a bundle of joy on the way. Glory hus nurse was also amazing and very informative. The office always got back to me with whatever questions I had. Also another nurse and I forgot her name today (6/23/16) she was wearing blue scrubs with chanel earing I love her she shared in the excited my husband and I had today. She came into my room and even gave me the biggest hug and it ment alot to me to have such heart warming and carinv staff. I definitely recommend anyone to see Dr. Benadiva and his team

Amazing experience. Roller

Your rating: 55 1
Amazing experience. Roller coaster ride of fertility is a truly stressful experience the staff especially Kathy and Dawn made me feel comfortable . Being in a same sex marriage we started off with the center right away when further testing showed fertility issues in both my spouse and I Dr. Benadiva team worked with us to come up with a plan that my wife and I were truly happy with. Co parenting conception was something we wanted to do but weren't sure we could afford treatment after a long insurance battle that Dawn worked so hard for us we were able to move forward. I now sit here with my baby boy and will forever be greatful for The Center. Will absolutely be visiting them again when we are ready to grow our family.

Money focused

Your rating: 15 1
The Center has gone way downhill since they became unaffiliated with UCONN Health. I started as a patient when they were with UCONN. By the time we were ready to start with the first round, they had moved offices and were unaffiliated. Two failed cycles and serious billing issues later, I wish I had trusted my instincts and gone to a new clinic once I learned they were no longer affiliated. They were at one point very highly rated. I will be curious to learn how their stats look once they are unaffiliated for a full calendar year. Terrible, totally not patient focused, only concerned with how much the can bill you (and double bill you) and how much money they can squeeze from you before you finally give up and go elsewhere. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!

Incompetent and deceiving staff

Your rating: 15 1
My partner and I were referred to this center for testing. It made more sense to perform an easy least expensive testing on my partner (sperm analysis) before testing myself. When booking the appointment I provided my psrtner's insursnce info and we were told that his ins covers the testing 100% After taking time off from work we showed up for the appointement in the Hartford location, only to find the door closed. I immediately called their # and was told that our appt is in Farmington but we won't be able to make it now since they will be closing. After pleading with them to wait for is, we speeded to Farmington. At this poor we were questioning the staff's competency and I informed that I will have to call the insurance co to verify coverage. Since we were already behind and they wanted to close, the manager/or receptionist replied: "your insurance covers it. It says it right on their website". After sometime we were surprised to receive a bill for this test. The billing office at the center tried to submit it to the insurance co. and continued to assure as that it is covered. We even have recorded messages from them stating so as proof. Finally, the insurance co did not cover this testing hence I contacted the office billing center manager Paul to have him dismiss this charge or at least discount the service. In return Paul was rude and unhelpful claiming that the patient is responsible for checking coverage with ins company, not his staff. Hence, I feel that the centers' staff is incompetent and mislead and lie to their patients. I recently viewed an interview regards the center on the Ct spotlight, where Carolyn Pennington advertised their staff as very well informed and helpful to find affordable treatment. What a bunch of lies. I emailed her to inform her of our experience at the center with no respond. My suggestions to possible future clients is seek help elsewhere. Thank you for thanking the time to read our story.


Your rating: 15 1
This practice seems more money than patient-focused

miracle babies

Your rating: 55 1
14 years ago today I underwent my second round of IVF by having my embryos transferred. I was scared and anxious fearing a second failure. Dr. Nulsen & his staff treated me with me with the best & most skilled care. I think back on this day as I watch my 13 yr old beautiful twin boys & remember the incredible staff, care & blessings.

Poor Service

Your rating: 15 1
I was accepted a new patient and was greeted by Dr. Nulsen that everything would be taken care of and we are in good hands. They did some prelimary testing and said things were okay. Now came the time of HSG which has to be perfomed between day 6 and day 12. So the first month , they said cannot do it as the doctors were in "hawaii' for a conference. Apparently they do the procedures only 1 day of the week(Tuesday) . So they asked to me call for next month. I promptly called them next month and they said they are "too Busy " as they do not have a procedure room. I cannot believe how a facility can be completely booked w/o any available appointments. Later I was told by a nurse that the procedure rooms were booked for IVF cases. Obviously now it makes sense because the IVF appointments bring in more $$$$ to the practice than my HSG procedure. I'm tired of hearing the stories every single time. I think as patients worried of having kids , they need to display more professionalism as an institution.

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