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Center for Assisted Reproduction

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1701 Park Place Avenue
Bedford, TX 76022



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford, Texas performed 277 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Center for Assisted Reproduction 120 71 49 27 10 2 35.0 22.5 18.4 7.4 0 / 10 0 / 2

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford, Texas performed 166 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Center for Assisted Reproduction 80 49 28 7 2 1 58.8 49.0 21.4 0 / 7 1 / 2 1 / 1
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by Center for Assisted Reproduction in Bedford, Texas to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 42 donor egg cycles in that year; 18 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 24 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
Center for Assisted Reproduction 18 12 / 18 24 41.7

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



Prejudiced office staff members

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The only good thing about this clinic in my experience is Dr. Nackley who is an exceptional doctor. She has truly been a life saver. However, I can't say the same about the overall culture that seems to prevail among the office staff. Most of the office staff members that I dealt with were very impolite, rude, and condescending. Particularly, certain staff involved with billing and scheduling of surgery were beyond rude. The person in charge of scheduling surgery at the Bedford location hung up on my call when I was merely discussing insurance related details with her. The other person in billing at the Bedford location told me she was going to disconnect and stated to me that "everyone from the physician on down" is frustrated with my case. Yet another lady in billing at the affiliated Fort Worth location had a condescending tone of voice when she stated to me that they had already made adjustments for me to squeeze my appointment in. Clearly, this was not the type of experience that any sick patient would want to receive. I had a huge fibroid causing excessive bleeding. The office staff members that I dealt with made it clear that they were lacking in empathy by their patronizing tone and mannerisms. I felt that the office staff members developed a prejudice against me for having a short term insurance policy at the time. I currently have Obamacare insurance with the affordable care act so hopefully the office staff members there can quit judging me and treating me differently for having less money than some of their other patients. I believe in equality for all. Patients need to be given the same amount of consideration, concern, and RESPECT regardless of their socioeconomic background. I am a certified teacher and I hold a master's degree in social work. My education has taught me not to let these injustices slide. I sincerely hope that this ill treatment and prejudice by office staff will not be committed again to those having lower incomes. We are all human and worthy of respect. -Tamara Pious

Great doctor Nackley

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To all the hopefuls out there..I told went through ivf, using my fresh eggs and husband frozen sperm. The staff was very precise and effectively with tests. We were successful on the third round, now have twin boys born 12-2013. I do understand the struggle and pain. So I thank Dr.Nackley she is truly a gifted angel. .

Please find someplace else

Your rating: 15 1
This clinic was such a disappointment. We were advised to go straight to IVF because the clinics testing showed my eggs were not good quality. After 2 failed IVF cycles with my own eggs Dr. Nackley recommended moving on to donor eggs. We tried donor eggs and after 3 cycles still no luck. After each failed cycle we were told they did not have a medical reason we weren't successful. We kept asking for additional testing and were told they didn't feel if was needed. It was so frustrating to be treated like a number and spend all that time, $ and tears with each failed cycle for nothing. We left the clinic heartbroken. 2 months later we got pregnant naturally and the first thing my new OB did after learning my history was test me for a blood clotting disorder. It was found I do have blood clotting issues that are easily treated with medicine. This is the exact test I asked CARE fertility for and was told I didn't need it. I now have a an almost 1 year old amazing daughter. Please stay far away from this clinic. They only want your money.

Reply from Center for Assisted Reproduction

We are happy anytime a couple successfully achieves pregnancy, especially after having a difficult time conceiving. We also appreciate feedback about our practice - good, bad or indifferent - as it helps us to provide the best possible care to our patients. With that said, we are unable to comment on the medical details of the above review, due to privacy considerations. However, we would like to take this opportunity to educate the public regarding testing for thrombophilia in relation to pregnancy.

The hypothesis that thrombophilia causes infertility is controversial. In fact the weight of evidence suggests that thrombophilia does not cause infertility. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine have published position statements/practice guidelines specifically recommending against thrombophilia testing except in cases with a personal history of thrombosis or a first degree family member with a known clotting abnormality (thrombophilia). It is important to stress that even in those situations, the treatment of thrombophilia is to prevent blood clots (e.g. pulmonary embolism) during pregnancy and not for treatment of infertility/reproductive failure. If it were just a matter of ordering blood work and there were zero consequences to false positive results, that might be a different story. But, it is well established the use of anticoagulants is not without risk. Maternal death is a potential preventable complication related to the inappropriate use of these medications.


Your rating: 15 1
I would stay far away from this clinic, I never like to post bad reviews, but when you are insulted by a business that you have spent a lot of money with, you feel so little and also to realize how little they care and that they are in it totally for the money. I wouldn't want anyone else to experience this type of behavior.

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