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The Center for Human Reproduction, North Shore-LIJ Health System

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300 Community Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction in Manhasset, New York performed 587 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction 242 113 133 62 37 6 31.0 29.2 15.8 3.2 5.4 0 / 6

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction in Manhasset, New York performed 390 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction 153 106 84 32 15 2 41.8 34.9 27.4 34.4 1 / 15 0 / 2
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction in Manhasset, New York to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 49 donor egg cycles in that year; 15 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 34 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
North Shore University Hospital, The Center for Human Reproduction 15 7 / 15 34 41.2

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



Need Advice

Your rating: 25 1
Can anyone on here give me a referral for a good clinic that comparable to North Shore location? I too feel the same about the lack of one on one service. I found a great clinic in Manhattan but they don't take my insurance and NYC is too far to travel. My husband and I have no fertility issues except for my age 37.

Can we help?

If you'd provide your email and or phone to us at info@progyny.com, we would like to provide you with some direction on clinic options.


Your rating: 15 1
If I could rate no stars i would. Long wait times to see the Doctor. (HERSHLAG) he also was never in the office when i needed an appointments. I was shuffled through other doctors to whoever was available . His biller are scams, I had charges being doubled dipped into my insurance. They were submitting my claims for Hershlag as an out of network provider. but clearly I did my research and made sure the center was in network provider. after months of back and forth with this issue my claims have still not been resolved. I used them for a fresh IVF cycle. It wasn't successful, I was not given the correct dose of medication after the procedure because they DID NOT treat me not for my individual case but just as a women who couldn't get pregnant. its all for $$$$$$$ !!!!!!! IT takes them days to return phone calls even just a simple question for a nurse. sometimes you never get a phone call back at all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT using this practice. they have caused nothing but stress in my situations when there was none needed with poor communication skills, and poor billing policies. My husband and I are now in process of taking our embryos out of North Shore and transferring them to a new cling, who actually care about there patients and there well being in becoming successfully pregnant.

This place is terrible, they bamboozle you, read your bills

Your rating: 15 1
I don't even know where to begin at how awful this place is. Firstly, I was diagnosed with pcos and they didn't even want to treat me for it....strange isn't it? Secondly, make sure to stress to them that if you are doing one ivf cycle, that is all that you are doing. Because I have good insurance they ordered enough medication for 3 cycles even when I told them I could only do one. I was stuck with all this medication and the 700 dollar bill that came with it. I could only afford the one cycle even when they tried to talk me into doing more but I just could not afford it so I had to, begrudgingly "donate" what was left to them. I felt very bamboozled. I want to stress that if you go here please check your bills. I had ivf done in April and I have received the same bill over and over again. The first time I paid it I thought I was done paying them. The second time I got a bill I thought maybe there was something they missed. The third and fourth time I received bills I started to read what was on them, it was the same bill. To add insult to this, every month the bills I received were for more and more services that were performed even when I paid the copays. I received a bill in July for a visit I had in February and on that same bill they were charging me for the money I paid when I had the ivf done. Also, make sure you take note of the doctors that see you because they are still trying to charge me for a doctor that I did not see. I had to go there and explain to the girl that they have been sending me the same bills. I even highlighted where they were the same. The girl ,and I stress that she was quite young, was apologetic but I do no think she knew what to do. I feel that they just figure you'll pay it and not take note of how they are robbing you.They have robbed me in so many ways. I am still waiting for a phone call to make sure that everything is settled. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Terrible place

Your rating: 15 1
Every single thing the other reviewers have said is true. It's a horrible place. I did get pregnant with son there but u was a simple case, same sex partner situation. My second try here I ended up having to do ivf. No one...... And I mean NO ONE answers any questions you have. I had 28 eggs retrieved and ended up with only 3 fertilized and frozen and no one has explained anything to me. I have no idea what grade they even used for the 3 that are frozen. Drs never ever call you back or check on you. Now they have sono techs monitoring you so even if you have a question for the dr you can't ask bc they don't even see you !!! I was on day 10 of my ivf cycle and this happened... I insisted on waiting to see a dr, didn't care how long it took. I'm very discouraged and want to take my embryos somewhere else. Do not come here !!!!!

It used to be good

Your rating: 35 1
Im leaving this review because I did have success here and I did get pregnant more than twice and have children to show for it and with great doctors Hershlag and Cohen at the time. Now that I have chosen to build our family again I can see the decline in communication with the staff. The fact that it does like the other reviewer stated take 2 days for billing to get back to you is a bit ridiculous. I had a easy question and was told leave a message and you will be contacted in 2 days, well I did that and a week later nothing. Then called back told the same and another week...NOTHING. Finally I got so frustrated I asked the receptionist who took like 20 mins to answer the phone if it would be easier for me to come down there and ask my 1 min question face to face, oh what do you know someone in billing can answer right now after they realized how simple my question was, I mean its really ridiculous, They used to be a good facility now it feels like they got all high tech and corporate and just dont care.

Hate this place it's just horrible

Your rating: 15 1
This place is just horrible, I don't even want to give them any stars. I'm 34 years old and in good health. I was basically told that my FSH was high and the only way for me and my husband to become parents was to use donor eggs. Getting that phone call was devasting. thankgod I have an amazing husband who found out about another doctor, who funny enough knew the doctor I had went to, I explained everything and he assured me that there is no way I have to go down the road of donor eggs if I was 40 years are older yes he would recommend it but I'm young and there is still other things he can do to help me. The relief of hearing that he would help me was amazing. Meanwhile I have tried to get my medical records and they are slowly taking there time but there not so slow at sending the bills. It's very disgusting.

disorganized and lack of communication

Your rating: 25 1
it started off fine here but in the last 6 month or so it's progressively gotten worse. The doctors don't communicate with the nurses and nurses don't communicate with the receptionist. Every time we call the clinic, they take your name and number and tells you "we have to call you back". 2 days later, no one calls. The doctor orders prescription bt it doesn't get sent to the pharmacy for atleast 4/5 days. this is frustrating especially since it is time sensitive when it comes to ovulation. We pay our bills on time every time and yet, we get collection letters and the billing department never answer phone calls.

Horrible Service..One star is too much!

Your rating: 15 1
Aside from the long wait to see my doctor, I felt like I was part of a group of cattle walking in to get monitored. The staff was cold and seemed impatient. After having a "trial" pumped with medications and not really establishing a baseline of how my body works naturally, they dropped me like a pile of crap because I wasn't producing 1000 eggs at a time. This place relies on positive stats in order to seem as if they have successful pregnancy rates. If you are a difficult case, don't bother. The apparent "founder" himself asked me what I did for a living, realized I could pay $$$ and then told me I could not have children. He told me I had three options: 1. Stop trying altogether, 2. Adopt, or 3. Buy one of their donor eggs. Adding salt to the wound, he stated "all the celebrities were doing it". Really? Like a really give a damn about what the celebrities are doing! After this heart-breaking appointment with him, I got a call from Rausch and wanted to have me come in. My husband said, "What for? You guys just crushed her and she's now inconsolable". She stated she was unaware of what I was told. I reluctantly came in and she cryptically said "I'm not saying you can't have children. I'm just saying we just can't help you here." TRANSLATION: You are a difficult case and you will negatively impact our stats and the number of $$$ flowing into our practice. GOOD RIDDANCE! I decided to give my money to someone who believed in my case and was patient enough to not care about stats and follow through on their promise! I am now happily pregnant!! No need to STOP TRYING, no need to ADOPT, no need to be like the celebrities and purchase a donor egg.

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