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Chelsea Fertility of New York City

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Chelsea Fertility of New York City
105 East 37th Street
Suite 1
New York, NY 10016



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False and Deceptive Information provided to potential patients

Your rating: 15 1
Horrible experience and I never even made it into the office!! They advertise on their site that they offer FREE consultations. I contacted them and the receptionist, Elaine, told me that the consultations were free. There were also several emails back and forth and in each one she mentioned coming in for a FREE consultation. When I called to book this alleged FREE consultation, they right away asked for my insurance information so that they can bill my insurance company. When I inquired about this, they said, "no you don't pay, we bill your insurance." This means that if I wanted to go to another consultation appointment elsewhere, my benefit would already have been used up by this alleged free consultation. Such BS!! Someone needs to explain to them that FREE = NO MONEY and NO BILLING INSURANCE. They are using false and deceptive practices to lure potential clients, who likely then end up with massive bills!! Would not recommend this place to anyone!!

Terrible factory clinic

Your rating: 15 1
Anyone who knows anything about IUI or IVF knows that the number one most important factor in maximizing your chances of pregnancy is timing. Therefore, one would assume that a clinic whose sole purpose is to help women achieve pregnancy would operate with hours that are amenable to, I don't know, a woman's biology. Instead, what you get with Chelsea are a couple of half-time doctors who have laughably limited hours - often, the surly receptionist will give you a 30-minute window when you can come in for monitoring and then gruffly remind you that "hours are limited." I then yell at my body and say, "bad body, don't release chemicals now because the nasty Chelsea receptionist told you that it's bad timing." I kid you not: this place is unapologetically a crooked business first with doctors whose slimy demeanors are straight out of a hellish movie about gross for-profit hacks. Some advice to you, Chelsea: at least attempt to run your business better and then you won't get savaged all over the web. Start with increasing your hours to more than 30 minutes a day. Cheers.

Avoid this clinic

Your rating: 15 1
Very frequently while I waited in reception I have seen angry customers complaining about unforeseen charges and/or actual charges being different to what financial coordinator have explained. Clinic seems to be operating @ edge of its capacity . Everything is so rushed ( so if you think you get better attention from Doctor than in a larger clinic - don't count on it ), I had my prescriptions messed up couple of time and literary you need to follow up on everything . Go to larger reputable clinic associated with the good hospital , which can also provide consistent and clear pricing .

Reply from Chelsea Fertility NYC - We value your feedback

Thank you for your review. All patient reviews are important to us, and we take the time to consider them carefully. We noted that you were not satisfied with your experience, and we sincerely hope that you will contact our office directly so we can clarify the points addressed in your review (212-685-2229) . We hope to hear from you soon.

Additionally, we would like to make clear that we absolutely do not rush our patients, but maintain open access to physicians as well as choices in our treatment options. Furthermore, treatment fees are posted clearly on our website, making comparisons simple.

Professional & understanding

Your rating: 55 1
I have been attempting fertility for years at various locations throughout New York and New Jersey. With little luck or a complication with cycles never was able to become pregnant. I came across Chelsea Fertility while searching google and decided to give it a shot! Best decision of my life! Not only was I greeted exceptionaly well at the front desk, I felt warm, welcomed and confident that this could be the one. Paul Gindoff is an amazing doctor and extremely knowledgable in his field. He answered any questions or concerns I addressed to him with easy to understand explanations. I am now pregnant and on my way to having a daughter. Thank you Chealsea Fertility!

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