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Coastal Fertility Medical Center

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Coastal Fertility Medical Center
15500 Sand Canyon Ave, Ste. 100
Irvine, CA 92618



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Love this Clinic!

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Have loved every minute of being with Dr Werlin. From his funny personality to his expertise, I felt like we had hit the jackpot (and we shopped around 3 other clinics, none came close!). Cost was typical and they even helped us get discounts for meds. The entire staff knew our names after our second visit and the nurses would ask how work was going or what we had planned for vacations. Excited (and sad) to graduate back to our regular OB. Could not have had a better experience and so happy with our impending arrival!

Very bad experience at this clini

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I had a very bad experience here. The financial lady over charged us, my nurse always seemed to be off on the days I had crucial questions so I had to wait 2 days to hear back from her, Dr Werlin insisted my husband give a frozen sample, then when the embryos didn't develop he blamed him for not giving a fresh sample. I asked for half my eggs to be frozen and that was not done either. No explanation why. I've asked for a partial reimbursement because of how poorly my procedure was handled. I will keep everyone posted on how Dr. Werlin responds.

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