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Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine

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The Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical Center
1305 York Avenue
6th Floor
New York, NY 10021



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York, New York performed 2,285 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine 535 468 542 408 332 95

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York, New York performed 711 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine 269 174 166 64 38 7
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York, New York to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 180 donor egg cycles in that year; 105 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 75 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Center for Reproductive Medicine 105 65.7 75 46.7

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



If you want good experience don't come here

Your rating: 15 1
I had 2 unsuccessful IVF at Cornell, and I have to say that experience was not positive. It is a money factory with no regard to the the patients feeling. They are communication system with the patient is horrible. They never pick up the phone so its terrible that you have to leave a message and then wait 1-2 hour if not next for the to call you back, instructions given on the phone are mostly incorrect, so you have to correct them. Billing department is even worse as they don't follow up on authorization before procedure is perform. The actual IVF is performed without sono. Stay clear of CRM if you want better experience.

Poor instructions

Your rating: 35 1
Agree with most other commenters and I’m amazed at how poorly they give out instructions. They call you and verbally give them to you or leave you a voice message. Forget it if you try to call them back! You can leave a message. I had a successful IVF at another clinic where you would not only get a call but would receive an email with your detailed instructions. It’s ridiculous to me that in 2018 they’re so archaic. It’s a such a delicate process and to treat it so carelessly is scary. I’m sure plenty of patients have made mistakes or there have been so many lost cycles. Once we finish our one cycle we are done!

I agree, please avoid this

Your rating: 15 1
I agree, please avoid this place, this is a pure money making factory. Doctors never seem to care, nurses have no clue.

Great exp

Your rating: 55 1
Worked with us and had no problems or bad exp. They were the first to come up with the IVF so we chose them. Is crowded but never felt rushed or had to wait etc.

Poor Experience

Your rating: 15 1
I spent a year doing treatments here and it just wasn’t a great experience. First of all, this place is a factory. There are days you’ll see over 100 women in the waiting room. The facilities are clean and modern and they are fairly efficient considering the volume of people, most of the visits had minimal waiting time with a handful of visits with 30+ minutes. Because of the volume of patients and trying to minimize waiting time, you are always feeling rushed. They rush in and out of procedures and I always felt as if I was bothering my doctor if I asked questions as he was running out the door to the next patient. During a consult to discuss IVF my doctor was multitasking on his PC (not taking notes on our case.) My husband wanted to change right then and there and looking back I wish we had. This is the type of sensitive and emotionally draining and expensive treatment you need good bedside manner! There’s not a lot of transparency in the process at all. During the IVF stim process, when I asked how many follicles they could see 6 days in, they told me they avoid that question. I didn’t know much of what was happening in the lab either, expect “looks good, pushed to day 5” and on the day of transfer, it wasn’t clear how many embryos would likely freeze. I found out after only 1 was frozen which I would have opted to transfer both had I known I wouldn’t have at least two to transfer (also high costs to freeze and transfer one on a future FET) Another major negative – they do everything on the phone. No information is shared through an online portal as most other facilities do. It’s incredibly annoying to have to babysit your phone (waiting on results I would be taking my cell into bathroom stalls looking like a crazy person) b/c god forbid you miss their call; it’s impossible to reach anyone. Both my nurse and doctor were out on vacation during my cycle – I changed hands many times and was given conflicting information on the night of the trigger which is the MOST critical thing not to screw up in a cycle. The after hours phone line wasn’t working properly, it was a hassle calling in. I called this to their attention multiple times and it wasn’t fixed. Billing department – I could have had a perfect experience and a positive outcome and the billing department alone would have wrecked the entire experience. I was given incorrect information that the IVF cost $10,500. That’s the rate if you are paying out of pocket. In my case, b/c I had $10k in insurance coverage they asked me to pay $500. I found out later that my cost is based on my copayments after they bill each service separately. So despite having $10k of coverage, I ended up paying thousands out of pocket as after the fact they told me that price didn’t apply to me. They had me in every single day of my cycle for tests and bloodwork which I would have pushed back on had I known it wasn’t all included and each service would result in a payment (either copayment or full payment by me after the $10k ran out). When I changed insurance, they double billed my old insurance. I paid OOP for things that the insurance paid and instead of applying a credit I had, they sent a $25 charge to collections. It’s April and I’m now receiving bills for services in November for the first time. That’s just ludicrous. Obscene costs, poor service and failed outcome. All of this might be easier to stomach if I felt like they cared. After a year of treatment and many failed IUIs, IVF and FET and tens of thousands of dollars later, I was told I could call my doctor to follow up. Nothing more - don’t expect the doctor to call you to send his condolences, they don’t give a crap. I will say that I really liked Dr. Schattmann whom I saw for my transfer. I wish I had started with him and I think I would have had a better experience.


Your rating: 15 1
We had to pay for services that may or may not be needed during the retrieval/implant process. The service or procedure, ICSI, was not needed in our case, but they purposely make it very difficult to receive a refund for those procedures, that weren't needed. It looks like I will finally receive the refund, any day now, but it has been over a month of constant calling, and they act as if i am the impatient one. Normally, business refunds take a few days, not a few months... Overall, the attitude, presumably because they deal with angry patients who just want what they told, is dismissive, and at times, rude. I wish they could have a more coordinated system where their finance department communicate to the rest of the hospital. There is no way to reach the finance dept. directly, so they are insulated from the customers they serve... Despite Cornell having a stellar reputation for their infertility treatment, it is because the doctors in the lab, are stellar. The rest of the institution is very far behind if they cannot even manage to refund a customer, based on their own policy. after months and over 5-10 phone calls and counting, I'm so tired of the excuses and being told that i am being impatient... If they just did their job, they wouldn't have angry customers such as myself. We liked the doctors and nurses, but the rest of the staff... horribly condescending. Countless times, I heard people screaming at the receptionists for whatever, and their response is cold. They say things like, "are you done", instead of saying "i'm sorry that you feel that way, let me see what i can do". Why Cornell chooses to hire such people is simple to understand, cost, but it is clear that it will a factor to their downfall, should it happen...

Don't recommend

Your rating: 15 1
I also had a bad experience - as did a dear friend. This place is an assembly line with very little attention to the individual's unique situation. Being a patient here is, sadly, simply cause for more stress. Facing fertility issues is already stressful so why take on more stress at this hospital center? Go elsewhere.

Despite an unsuccessful cycle

Your rating: 45 1
Despite an unsuccessful cycle, I have no complaints with the WCMC CRM. Yes, it is a very busy, academic clinic and you will not see "your" doctor daily. It is possible that your retrieval/transfer may be performed by another doctor depending on the timing of your cycle. I did have a difficult time obtaining my records to establish care with another doctor after our cycle. However, the staff is wonderful, especially the receptionist in M8, and all nurses were responsive to emails and phone messages. We were traveling from out of state and they were accommodating to our needs. Seamless coordination with the WCMC urology service.

Please avoid!

Your rating: 15 1
Please avoid! Poor customer service, long lines, mistakes all the time... You almost never see your doctor. Even when I saw my doctor briefly he always seemed to be in a rush. Nothing is digitally in customer service: you can't make appointments online, receive medical records online, no emails - by phone and mail only I always felt that all they cared is just persuade me to do an expensive IVF as soon as possible.

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