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3950 South Rochester Road
Suite 2300
Rochester Hills, MI 48307



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Your rating: 55 1
I'm so grateful to Dr. Abuzeid and his entire staff!! Without them being patient and working with me for over a year I probably would still be trying to get pregnant or have given up. I'm so happy to have my beautiful little boy and will always be so thankful to Dr. Abuzeid!! I definitely recommend IVF Michigan to anyone going through infertility.

Amazing Doctor and Staff...BEST IVF CENTER

Your rating: 55 1
I've been gong to this office since 2004. I have 3 daughters from IVF of my 3 daughters one is set of twin girls. I'm currently pregnant with a little boy on the way. This place is extremely compassionate from the receptionist to the nurses and doctors. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Abuzeid and his staff!!! I wouldn't have my children if he didn't always help me stay focused on the prize in the end...he always told me have FAITH and now I have 3 beautiful little girls and a baby boy on the way. It was a long journey to get where I am but surely worth it in the end when your holding your little miracle!! Thank you Dr. Abuzeid to you and our staff for helping me through my journey of infertility!!!

horrible staff - Good Dr.

Your rating: 25 1
Staff is horrible and there is no real person to talk to. The receptionist cannot answer simple questions such as : Schedule appt or new insurance questions. She is jus there to pick up the phone and say let me transfer you to the Nurses VM.

A joke

Your rating: 15 1
First.. No doubt they push IVF even without trying other alternatives first. It's a money making machine with a complete dis-regard to less expensive, less invasive alternatives. Second.. The staff is a joke. 10 for 10 on having an appt and them "running a little behind". That means if you have a an appt.. Expect them to be 30-60 min behind. The reason is they schedule 10 people for the same time and if everyone shows up ... Your screwed. Again.. It's all about $$ to them. Nothing else matters.

Horrible staff

Your rating: 15 1
Horrible receptionists. They do not come on-time and act arrogant and demeaning towards the patients. The office hours are 8-4 M-F. I called 4 times starting at 8:15, but no one answered and there was no answering service either. When I finally reached the receptionist @ 9:30am and asked her about this, she was very rude and spoke as if she is better than me.

Lovely staff & superb service!

Your rating: 55 1
I cannot applaud this office enough. When I first came a couple years back, I had a bad experience with one of the doctors but the current staff and Dr. Abuzeid and Ashraf are so pleasing to work with. They really care about you and your future family!! I love this office!

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