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IVFMD/ South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine

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7300 SW 62nd Place
4th Floor
Miami, FL 33143



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine in South Miami, Florida performed 727 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine 273 161 168 98 27 1

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine in South Miami, Florida performed 233 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine 104 46 58 16 9 1
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine in South Miami, Florida to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 61 donor egg cycles in that year; 34 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 27 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine 34 64.7 27 48.1

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



I went to South Miami office,

Your rating: 35 1
I went to South Miami office, dr. Soto is a decent doctor but i didn’t like the management, Some nurses and the coordinator. I wasn’t happy of how i was treated. My calls and emails were often ignored, extremely long waiting time and the impression that they were interested in having me doing as many cycle as possible. I expected more for a clinic with such high success rate for Florida

My experience was great! Having twins in 1 week

Your rating: 55 1
I am shock to hear some of the negative reviews, my experience was very different. Dr Eisermann, the nurses and all the staff were excellent. I had to try different treatments and when I got pregnant, the whole office celebrated with me. They hand hold me in the process and help me not to give up. I recommend them 100%

Save your self from a heartache

Your rating: 15 1
If I could give them 0 stars I would. The worst service ever, they do not see you as a human being they see you as a profitable item, they sell you packages that they do not complete and charge you all of it without refunds. My wife and I bought a package that includes stimulation, and insemination, After starting the medication prescribed by the nurse (not even the Doctor), my wife went to the office on 11/10/16 at 8 am and an ultrasound was performed on her, the nurse never talked about the procedure and requested her to be back on Saturday 11/12/16, as she thought that the egg would be ready for insemination on that day. On 11/12/16, my wife arrived to the office and another ultrasound was performed on her, the nurse stated that she had ovulated already and that we missed the chance for insemination. My wife proceeded to tell her that more observation will be required next month when we perform the procedure, the nurse stated that we would have to pay another $2936.50 if we decided to do the procedure again; my wife in shock replies “what do you mean? “We have not performed the procedure yet? Can’t we do it next month the right way? you following up closer?” The Nurse proceeded to say that she was sorry but no refunds for this package, even if it wasn’t performed. My wife left the office crying like I have never seen her cry with her heart broken This is totally unprofessional. We really though that they cared about the patient but all they care about is the money. When I proceeded to try to resolve the issue I never got the chance and got removed as a patient, WE DID NOT WANT OUR MONEY BACK ALL WE WANTED IS TO GET WHAT WE PAID FOR!.

So happy to have gone to ivfmd

Your rating: 55 1
I am a mother of 4 now thanks to ivfmd. Dr. Woods and her staff are amazing. When I was younger I made a terrible decision after getting divorced. I tied my tubes. Two years later I met my husband and he loved my children. After a few years. My husband wanted a baby. So we went to South Carolina and I had my tubes untied. The surgery was only successful with on of my fallopian tubes. This surgery was the second worst decision of my life. At first I couldn't get pregnant. Then it was like I couldn't stop getting pregnant only to end up in miscarriages . And then an ectopic pregnancy damaged my only fallopian tube. I thought that's it. This is the end. Then my husband and I researched and we found Dr. Woods. I took to her my complete medical history. Dr. Woods was amazing. She reviewed my history and was completely honest. I loved that she was so attentive. I loved that on my first visit she was direct. I had interviewed other docs that there reason after reviewing my medical history was well your tubes are untied I dont know whats wrong. Dr. Woods has a the personality that it bothers her that she doesnt known what wrong. She will figure it out. She discovered I had an underlying medical condition. That kept me from getting pregnant. I did my first fresh ivf cycle. Which ended up in a miscarriage after 10 weeks. I was so disappointed. But I knew Dr. Woods and her staff had done everything possible. They were more than understanding. Dr. Woods. Took some blood work from myself and from my fetus. And checked for any additional medical conditions. After a few weeks of weekly blood work. Dr. Woods gave us the okay to try are second ivf cycle. Which resulted in my beautiful daughter madison. All I know after 5 years of trying to get pregnant with just my ob. That Dr. Woods was able to help me have my daughter. I was only her patient. For about a year. Maybe less. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Woods. Because if it wasn't for her and her staff my perfect and beautiful baby would not be here.

Very Grateful!

Your rating: 55 1
I just want to thank, DC Juergen Eissermann, DC Enrique Soto, all the nurses and the whole Team at the Miami and Cooper City office. After having an ectopic pregnancy due to hidrosalpinx, I decided I will Try to concibe naturally, against my OB advice of going straight for IVF. I tried Chinese teas, Acupuncture and $6000 in Clearpassage for a week of massages that will suposly clear my hidrosalpinx and open my only tube left and after have the hidrosapinogram to check if my tubes were open and I will be able to to have a baby, just until then I realize that I waist a lot of time, hope and A lot of money, and that I will never be able to fix my problem with miracle treatments they sale taking advantages of women's hopes and dreams. Then I start Searching again with a lot doubts but I decide, that If was going to go through this treatment I will have to go with best, I was convince I was going to do it just once. And if don't work, that was it for me, I will close my doors to maternity and move on with my life. Was then when after a lot of research I found Dc. Eissermann at IVFMD, At my first appointment I brought all my test results, told the dc about my condition and since that moment We could tell he was straight to the point, Told me a need it surgery to ligate my tubes but not cut them as others DC recommended cause this will affect blood flow witch affect the ovary fuction. I had the surgery and then we found out I also had low ovarian reserve and hypothyroidism with the help of a lot of vitamins and medicine I was able to ovulate and have more follicles in my ovaries, After IVF stimulation process and several ultrasounds, DC Enrique Soto retrieved 6 Follicles with only 3 embryos. I was going to have 2 transfered and the rest frozen, but at the time of arrival for my egg transfer they informed me that only 1 of the 3 embryos make it till Blastocyst I'm not going to lie it was disappointed cause I had put the idea of twins in my mind and heart, but at the end I was grateful I had at least one. Dc. Soto did the transfer I stay home for 3 days and a week later I was pregnant with my first and Only chance to be a mom. I know this still a long process and I'm just in my almost 8 week pregnancy but after hearing my baby's heart beat with DC Eisserman everything was worth it. If you want to go through this treatments you will need a lot of patience and faith, you have to understand that the whole Team have a lot of patients and a lot of thing to do, but no matter what if u call u will get that phone call back with an answer, that If u need immediate attention they have the Dc on call available all the time. I know is a long story but that's my story and I hope this can be useful for a woman that is going through the same kind of situation, From me and my husband we say Thanks again and wish the best of luck for those future patients.

poor business practice

Your rating: 15 1
First off, I found Dr. Soto pleasant. However, I can't say that about the rest of his office. I have a primary and secondary insurance with my husband. Usually, whatever your primary health insurance doesn't cover, the secondary is supposed to pick up.....but that also depends if the doctor's office bothers to send a claim. So.....during my initial consult, they recommended that I get an HSG ultrasound, but didn't mention that insurance didn't cover it. So when it was time to leave and check out, for our initial consult, they charged me $900+ for the Doctor's time and the HSG ultrasound. I assumed that they tried as best they could to get insurance to cover it, since well, it's their job to make sure they get paid, right? Which I found out later, that none of which was claimed to my 2nd insurance. Then they gave me antibiotics to take for 2 days following this HSG. It was a Friday afternoon. Three hours later I went to the pharmacy where they said they would be calling it to....and nobody bothered to call. I called over the weekend twice, after going twice to the pharmacy and again, nobody bothered to call it in. I finally called on Monday and left a message for the nurse to see if it was even medically necessary, as the procedure was 4 days prior. They said it was, and then finally they called it in. But.....that means that someone dropped the call from their office not once, but three times and risked me getting an infection in my uterus, on someone who's trying to conceive. Nice. Then I was supposed to go back that Monday for some lab work, which this time, they did inform me that it would be $600 out of pocket. Actually, let me backtrack, I was supposed to get my blood drawn the first time I went, but we waited 30 minutes, no exaggeration, until a nurse, who was in the weeds with patients finally came in and said we "can't do them today, cause one of the tests has to be mailed to Chicago and it's Friday and it would just be sitting there, etc all weekend". I never went back to this office and went elsewhere, to a much nicer, patient-oriented, office, paid $45 copay cause they actually BILLED my insurance and went to get my lab work drawn at Labcorp so that it "could be covered" and I haven't had to pay anything additional outside of the $45. If you want to go somewhere where they don't care about your needs, then go here. (Yes, I have a need to not spend $900 unnecessarily and I have a need for my doctor's office to care whether or not I get an infection in my uterus).

So far so good....

Your rating: 45 1
I've been a patient for a few weeks. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Wood is that she seemed very confident. As I was going through my history (and failures) she seemed to know what might be wrong with me before I finished. She went step by step answering questions and providing assurances to my partner and I and was sure she would be able to help. As a matter of fact, after spending over $20k at another facility and seeing two specialists after that she was the ONLY doctor to discover my underlined issues. That alone made me trust her. Her staff has been very helpful with explaining our options and reassuring us that things look very good for us. I rated the office 4 stars only because often times it takes awhile for the nursing staff to respond. When you are stressing over test results leaving a voicemail at 9am to have it returned at 6pm is beyond nerve wrecking. It wold be great if they utilized a secure online messaging or something that would make getting results back sooner. I have already recommended two other couples to Dr. Wood and hopefully we are having our first IUI next week. We are prayerful and hopeful.

This facility has NO heart

Your rating: 15 1
Horrible staff. Dr Bustillo is very cold and seem not to understand patients feelings. The embie report is not properly conducted . My procedure went bad and she gave to options

Horrendous experince

Your rating: 15 1
I was a patient of Doctor Roseff at IVFMD Boca office, he was just an OK doctor, not quite the best doctor I firstly assumed. One time when I was asked, how many embryos I wanna put it, he says it's ok to put 2, I was pretty excited because I thought it was impossible to put 2 due to my age, but after the egg retrieval, he recommends us put just one instead. It's like confusing to a new patient like me, and one time he prescribed medications for my husband and then when we read the side effects of the meds, it says it can cause PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE and I asked the doctor when I met him, he simply just answers "it's like when you got into car accident and get a broken leg, there's always side effect of anything" I was in awe...in disbelief of what he just said. I was about to say" hello you cannot compare those two, cause if I got into an accident and had a broken leg, it means it's an unpredictable cause, while the medication you prescribed is PREDICTABLE because it says right there on the paper, IT CAN CAUSE PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE, there is a reason why it's written on the paper...duh!! And the nurse and administration lacks communication with the patient, the nurse won't ever return your call even when you run out the meds and needs refills, and the administration keeps making mistakes in charging you and sometimes they don't give you correct info when you need it, you have to figure out things by yourself. It was overall just a terrible experience for me and for my husband. Please do not use this IVFMD. I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND this clinic to handle your health and your money!!! All they care about is just making numbers, instead of focusing on the patients..!!

20+ Cycles No Results! Run from this place!

Your rating: 15 1
South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine aka IVFMD! I could write an entire book of how I have been mistreated, however, I would like for you to actually read my short review and be saved from my bad experience... Here is a short list of my horrible care at South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine aka IVFMD! We have gone to the practice for 5+ years Spent over $150,000. with NO results! IVF/Egg retrivals 20+ times W/some PGD testing NO baby... They make money off your circomstance Practice only has a 20% success rate according to SART data for our age group! The physician did not even review our chart... This has happened several times and even though we were patients for years they had no recolection of our history and could not find it in the computer... Even scarier... Had no idea where our embryos were... Then mixed up cycyles when reading us the chart... (I corrected them several times on the facts of my case). I dreaded phone calls with super rude staff much of the time, they give you the run around, have no answers when you confront them, make appointments they do not keep or say your not scheduled, they are late, waste your time with long office visits, have a dirty and dingy office (I have no idea how it is passed by OSHA). Thank God we went somewhere esle and were successful! Did I say they lost our records? Medical records LOST over 5 times... I have signed the same forms over and over and they always loose their own forms and my insurance info! Save yourself from this horrible practice... Just do your research and find a staff that is actually nice... When I call my new office in Beverly Hills I am always greeted warmly and they always know our case... They have never lost any of our records or embryo information. They always keep your embryos at the physicians office and do not transfer them to another lab. Going through infertility is so difficult and hard and you deserve to know the facts before you start. We were never told that we would have a only 20% chance to have a child in their practice.. They should share their 80% failure rate according to the SART data and in our case (100% failure rate). We sent our records to six practices who worked with the hardest cases including NY, Illnois, Oklahoma, Colorado, ect. I'm so glad we did not give up and that I followed my gut to go to a practice elsewhere and start over without any records transferred because IVFMD LOST them again! I would tell my best friend to run from this place, it is scary how badly I let them treat me just because I wanted a baby! My husband never gets mad and he thinks it is absolutely ridiculous how they practice medicine. He refused to go towards the end because he was over the horrible care.

Terrible Experience

Your rating: 15 1
I successfully got pregnant with twins on my first IVF cycle with Dr Wood but as my husband says "Despite their best efforts to screw this up, we succeeded." The lack of information and support at IVFMD is astounding. There are so many things wrong with this practice (I visited their Pembroke Pines location) that it's hard to know where to start. I received incorrect dosage information in writing, with only a promise that the nurse would be reprimanded, and first-time invoices for blood tests over a year after the tests. You really have to be your own doctor at this place, question everything you're told and do your own research. The happiest day for me was when I could switch to an OB and forever be done with IVFMD.

Reply from IVFMD

Unfortunately it is impossible to please everyone, despite the fact of a positive outcome. We strive to treat each patient as an individual and attempt to address any concerns a patient may have promptly. We are happy we can assist a patient in achieving the goal of having a family.

Terrible communication

Your rating: 15 1
I'm giving this place 1 star because it wouldn't allow me to give none. Front desk staff is rude, and what is worst, they have no empathy for their patients. Nurses are ok, my doctor is more or less (I just see him because I wanted to have the best specialist with the highest success rate to help us through infertility), but the office coordination, punctuality and response from the rest of the staff is horrendous. It is impossible to get a hold of anybody over the phone, their answering machines are my best friends there. Fertility treatments are very delicate, but they don't seem to understand all the pressure you undergo, and they don't follow up on your medication, treatments, or procedures. Plus, they are pretty much never flexible to accommodate you, but as they should already know, ovulation and fertility does not wait. I'm still TTC, but I'm already thinking in finding another specialist.

The nurse and the communication with patient.

Your rating: 15 1
I do not recommend this place at all. The nurse did not explain the procedure as it is plus you are the one who need to figure out thing. The seems always to be in the rush. Disconection in what medicine you need to take, no clear on instruction. The worst experience ever. After expending quite thousands dollars. Look for another place.,

Terrible experience

Your rating: 15 1
I chose this center based on the convenient location for me and good stats for my age group. I had previously undergone one IVF cycle in New York and have a healthy toddler as a result. Unfortunately I have disappointing things to say about this place. To start, the administrative "procedures" are an absolute disaster and the patient is the one who has to anticipate everything. I should have known when they lost my first appointment so I showed up after waiting one month for that appointment and they told me they had no record of it and strongly implied I was lying. Another example, I learned one Sunday that they did not prescribe me enough meds for that night's injections, causing total panic and me to run around town. They did not help me at all with insurance - no anticipation from the start that I might need preauthorization which meant that drugs that otherwise would have been paid by my plan have cost me $3,000 out of pocket. And as other reviewers state, you have no access to your doctor between the first consultation and the last step. I felt like unqualified nurses were making decisions about my meds. The worst part is that I don't think they know what they are doing. Several approaches they took as part of steps key to the success of the procedure are contrary to popular medical thinking - for example, waiting until well into day 6 to transfer embryos. Unfortunately my one IVF attempt this time around was not a success and I can't help but think that it would have turned out differently with a different center.

Avoid this place at all costs!

Your rating: 15 1
Total misdiagnoses. You will see the doctor only on your first visit and once you agree to IVF. the rest of the times you will deal with the staff only. They are friendly but other than taking blood and taking your money will not be able to tell you if all is OK or if your results have changed. They kept pushing me to do IVF, even after number of times me letting them know that we can't afford it. 4 month of expensive meds and tests, prepping us for IUI, just to tell us 4 month latter that it will not work dew to my tubes being blocked. They had the tubes results from the first test that we have done with them, but the doctor only looked at them 4 month latter, and kept pushing for IVF. By that time we were $4000 down for monthly hormonal meds, not needed MRI, Ultra Sounds and number of expensive blood tests. If they would have only looked at the tubes results in the first 2 weeks we would have been able to save all that out of pocket costs. After finally looking at our initial tests the doctor (Naples location) told us that we are perfect candidates for IVF and should do it ASAP. The costs were out of our reach, and looking the meds that the doctor has decided that will be needed for our IVF were at the maximum cost. We made a decision to take our results and go overseas of IVF for a fraction of the cost. Once we came to another country one look at our results we were told that my tubes are NOT blocked but have a really bad case of Sactosalpinx (doctor in US told me that I only have a small cyst on my ovaries) and no IVF could ever work until my tubes are removed all together. As for the meds proscribed by US doctor, only a third of them were really needed for a successful IVF with minimal stimulation. We had the tubes removed and had a positive IVF done the very next month. With total of $6500 for everything including extensive tests, meds and IVF with 5 more frozen embryos. We are now pregnant with twins.

re: last review

Your rating: 55 1
So far my experience with SFIRM has been wonderful. I am also doing donor egg but with frozen donor. Dr Roseff has been amazing and his staff have been amazing to us. I am writing this because of the other review. She said to see Dr. Silva at CRM. I was with Dr. Silva as I live in Orlando and I had the worst experience of my life! I could go on for miles of writing. One huge mistake his nurses made was telling me I came out positive for Fragile X. A week later once I spoke to the company that did the test did I find out that I did NOT have Fragile X. So, for a torturous week I thought I could not have children. I just felt compelled to write this as Dr. Silva and CRM see everyone as a number. They are a machine and do not care about their patients. I have had the best experience with SFIRM and am so so happy I switched from CRM and Dr. Silva to Dr. Roseff. My one description of something wrong was one of MANY MANY times his office and him had messed up. I cannot remember how many times Dr Silva had to apologize to me and my husband. They actually made the process a nightmare for me. Thank God I found SFIRM as it's the opposite of Dr. Silva. Good luck to everyone out there as well.

Did not have a good experience at this clinic

Your rating: 15 1
I went to SFIRM as a recipient for an egg donor cycle. I had previously done conventional IVF at a local Tampa clinic and at CCRM with Dr. Gustafson. After both of those failed, I decided on using an egg donor and chose SFIRM due to its location (within Florida), okay stats, and fact that I was interested in gender testing using PGD (which the receptionist had told me on the phone that they DO offer). This was in October of 2012. By November of 2012 I had chosen an anonymous two-time egg donor from a donor clinic who had done one of her cycles at SFIRM in the past. To make a long story short, by the time April 2013 rolled around, I was dealing with the THIRD Egg Donor Coordinator that had taken over for the previous ones, communication was awful (nonexistent, unless my husband and I were very proactive in trying to get information on status), we were not kept informed of progress/lack of, and the donor was still not ready to go (she needed a repeat pap smear, but no one was keeping on top of things). As the donor recipient, you have very little control over the process when using an anonymous donor, so you're really at the mercy of the nursing staff and egg donor doing what they're supposed to do and keeping good lines of communication open. I need and expect those lines of communication to be top notch. At SFIRM I was just another number and my case definitely got lost in the shuffle. On top of all of this, gender testing is NOT offered in my case, so I was misinformed from the get-go. My husband and I made the wise decision to cut our losses and get packing. I didn't want to deal with the staff at SFIRM anymore. When I told the Patient Coordination of our plans to leave, she did apologize and explain they were going through a time of transition, and this was not up to their standards. I would encourage others thinking of this clinic that if it's feasible to go elsewhere in the state, to consider Dr. Silva at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. This will be my second time working with the doctor (the first time doing conventional IVF and this time as a donor IVF recipient) and you can't get much better as far as personal attention and involvement. Good luck to everyone on their journey

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