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J. Clark Bundren Gynecology and Infertility

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5555 East 71st Street
Suite 6220
Tulsa, OK 74136



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Not a pleasant experience...

Your rating: 15 1
I will try to make this long story short ... Dr. Bundren may be good at what he does and his office may be an effective and efficient operation, but we wouldn't know?! We had our initial screening and was supposed to get a call a back on a follow up. I also had my tests done and was supposed to get a call back as well. Well we never got a call back and I never received my test results, which I paid $190 for. We have called multiple times (5 or 6 at least) and get the same response every time. Apparently, the secretary just does scheduling and can't read or tell us anything even though our chart is right there (supposedly?). We should expect to get a call back from the doctor or from this mysterious Mary Catherine (Sp?) who we have never seen or spoken to. Long story short, we have wasted a few hundred $$$ and two months of our lives for nothing. We will be starting the process over at a different location, hopefully one that is more reliable, organized, and doesn't make you feel worthless. If there was any action I could take against Dr. Bundren, I would seriously consider it. He made our journey, that we were excited to get started, a miserable one, and we only saw him once. Don't waste your time.

Please Pass

Your rating: 15 1
I haven't seen this doctor in at least 5 years, but it still upsets me how much $ and time that was spent with him... Only to be left in the dark. By in the dark, I mean: Getting your hopes up to start on the next procedure with them to have them NEVER return your phone calls. Anytime I called for ANYTHING: There was a 2% chance I'd receive a phone call back... After much research (for new doctors and more fertility info) - I'm finding that I'm not the only one he has let down in this way.

Would Try Again

Your rating: 55 1
I absolutely loved Dr Bundren and his office team. We went through 3 failed rounds of IUIs but felt like he was looking out for us and providing us with information the entire way through. He is very honest and did not provided much false hope. I suppose some could see this as a negative but I appreciated openness. I have special issues and Dr Bundren has continued to keep me on as a patient although we are no longer exploring fertility options. I have referred others to Dr Bundren that were successful in conception!

Dr. Bundren and his staff

Your rating: 15 1
Dr. Bundren and his staff wasted an entire year of my life with ups, downs, and mostly pushing me off. They don't return calls in a timely manner and if you need them to work with your insurance you are wasting your time. If it were up to this office I would still be waiting for my medications to be authorized through the insurance. We would wait for hours after our appointment times just to be told nothing would happen anytime soon. The only good thing this doctor did for us was send me to an endocrinologist and encourage me through his lack of care and respect to seek treatment elsewhere.

It was years ago and honestly

Your rating: 15 1
It was years ago and honestly I cant believe he is still in practice. He treated me horribly, like an object and not a person. I left in tears and never returned.

Waste of Energy

Your rating: 15 1
I will begin by saying I was never late to an appointment (note: I waited 2 hours sometimes in the office for my appointment), I followed all medical advice, and I always paid all of our bills on time. After seeing Dr. Bundren for 6 months of Lupron, 2 months of birth control and 4 or so months of prescribed Metformin for my supposed PCOS... My husband and I were ready to begin injectables in hopes of conceiving. During our appointment we discussed with the nurse that we spoke to our insurance company and they told us that some medication is covered. She seemed annoyed that we mentioned this and also dissuaded us from using insurance. Claiming that our insurance company can take months to approve. So we said "ok, we want to move forward regardless, so whatever is faster is the route we want to take." The appointment seemed to end well. I was told to call at a certain point in my cycle. To which I did. The problem? They quit returning my phone calls. My husband called several times. I called countless times. So after everything we went through, we will need to start all over with a new doctor simply because he doesn't want me as a patient? I guess? Not sure why else they won't call us back. Especially frustrating because I was on Metformin (a blood sugar medication meant for diabetes but Bundren has a lot of his patients on if he suspects PCOS). I had to abruptly quit this medication because my prescription ran out. Something I'm sure is not healthy. This creep shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. Don't go to him. Find someone in the field who cares about the health and wellbeing of their patients. This man is a narcissist and sociopath.

Skip this Doctor

Your rating: 15 1
This was a terrible experience. I have never seen someone so rude and STILL in business. He will tout his success rate but fail to mention if the patient is over 25 years old he will demean and degrade you till you give up on him stating "I don't even want to do this, your gonna probably be bad for my numbers since it most likely won't work because your so old" That's if you can even get his atrocious appointment scheduler to call you back. After weeks and weeks of calling to get a schedule set up they refused to call back over and over. Mary Catherine micromanaged the whole facility and effectively wants you to feel privileged that she actually talked to you. Drive elsewhere. Dallas or St Louis are not that far and the treatment will be worth it. Check his BBB status. Enough said ---buyer beware!!!!!!

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