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Michigan Reproductive Medicine (formerly Center for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery)

41000 Woodward Ave, Ste 100 East
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304



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The Best Doctor Experience Ever!!:-)

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Dr. Mersol-Barg is so nice and well-informed that he immediately set me and my husband at ease that we were at the right place. This was the 3rd different doctor we went to see, and this was the first time the doctor actually read all of our records and was prepared to explain what the records showed, what our situation was and what our options were. It was so refreshing to be treated as people and not as numbers. From the time we came into the office, everyone was so warm and friendly. We also love the fact that Dr. Mersol-Barg has a support group meeting at his office that's free of charge and has some wonderful people running it. From beginning to end, we felt cared for and like we had true partners in our frustrating journey towards parenthood. I'm happy to say we're expecting our daughter right around the holidays! My only regret is that Dr. Mersol-Barg won't be doing the delivery. The day we had our last appointment at his office, everyone gave us hugs and good wishes. It was kind of like leaving family, but it will be great to come back to visit with our new baby. I highly recommend Dr. Mersol-Barg and everyone at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. His phone is 248-593-6990 and the website is www.reproductive-medicine.com

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