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Reproductive Gynecology Inc. - Westerville

Average: 3.3 (4 votes)5 1
540 N. Cleveland Ave.
Suite 100
Westerville, OH 43082



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville in Westerville, Ohio performed 133 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville 78 25 19 9 2 0 35.9 20.0 5 / 19 0 / 9 0 / 2 N/A

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville in Westerville, Ohio performed 48 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville 29 13 5 1 0 0 27.6 9 / 13 0 / 5 1 / 1 N/A N/A
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville in Westerville, Ohio to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 9 donor egg cycles in that year; 4 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 5 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
Reproductive Gynecology, Inc.-Westerville 4 0 / 4 5 3 / 5

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



Mircacles happen here!

Your rating: 55 1
My husband and I have been trying for 6 years. We spent over $20,000.00 out of pocket at a different fertility clinic in Columbus. They were horrible to us. Then we were lucky enough to be referred to Dr.Jain at Reproductive Gynocology by my OBGYN. We had a very difficult case. I have endometriosis, follopian tube issues, failed previous IVF, 3 lost pregnancies, my FSH is extremely high for someone my age (deminished ovarian reserve, poor quality eggs)11.5 at 27 years old, and my husband and I are both carriers for a very scary genetic condition. If we had any chance of having a child, it was with IVF and genetic testing. Dr. Jain is an absolute superhero and got us 3 perfectly healthy embryos and they are sitting in the freezer and we will soon be transferring one! We had almost completely lost hope. Reproductive Gynocology has the most amazing lab, embryologist, doctor, and nurses. They actually care about your situation and treat you like an inidividual, not just another number. Trust me, I know what it is like to go to a bad fertility clinic, this place is where you need to go if you want to have a child! Highly recommend!

Not Organized at all

Your rating: 15 1
This is our second time using a reproductive specialist, and we are beyond frustrated with RGI (Westerville office). The office is not organized at all, mixing up appointment types, billing, pharmacies, and almost everything else. We were asked to come in for a hysto and when we arrived was told that it was just a consult instead (so my husband missed the appointment). Basic communication is totally lacking. They fail to give you even basic information on how to make each round of IUI successful, like having intercourse the next few days following the procedure and how to make sure the semen is at it's best prior to the procedure. All in all, I would avoid RGI if you are serious about getting pregnant.

Waste of time and money!!

Your rating: 15 1
The first visit was amazing, they defintley "sold" us. The second visit was the total opposite!!! Most unprofessional experience I have ever had. No instructions, lots of "opps we forgot to tell you that", After 6 visits from out of state and 3 failed iuis we are disgusted with this guy! This place is very disorganized and out of control. He told us something different on every single visit. His plan of care was a total gamble. I felt like he did not take the time to really understand dates of ouvulation and he didn't listen to anything I told him. I feel like this was a complete waste of our time and money. It was a guessing game to him.. Horrible place with the exception of the front desk girl, Carly! She was the only good thing that office has!! Stay away!

Terrible office

Your rating: 15 1
This is our third time going through IVF. Our first time with RGI. While I do not have any specific complaints about the IVF coordinator or the doctor, I have multiple issues with the way the office is ran, the office staff, the billing coordinator Jessie, and the useless office manager Brad. The very first issue that we had was walking in the door when the front desk verified my information and requested payment in front of a lobby full of people. There was no respect for our privacy, We mentioned that we had an issue with this and thought that it was going to be addressed. That was five months ago. Nothing has changed. If I wanted, I could sit in the lobby and write down patient's ages, insurance plans, and names. If I sit near the desk, I can listen in on intake calls and find out how long people have been trying to conceive! This office has absolutely no clue how to protect patient information. No patient should ever have to say 'this is something that should be discussed in private'. One day, when I was waiting in the lobby, the front desk associate asked me if I had a negative pregnancy test in front of other patients. We also mentioned this to the doctor. I can't say if it was addressed. When I was having my egg retrieval, the bathroom in the procedure area was occupied by my husband. The andrology lab tech tried to force me to walk into the lobby in my hospital gown to use the bathroom. I told him that I was in a hospital gown and did not want to walk in front of all of the other people in the waiting room and he stormed away. He then went to the bathroom (that was occupied by my husband) and started knocking on the door. Mind you, my husband was trying to collect a specimen and he was sent to the bathroom because they didnt have any of the appropriate rooms available. As a result of the knocking, the collection took longer, which made the lab tech angry and again he suggested that I use the lobby restroom. Again, I told him 'no, I am naked under my gown' and at this point I was tearful. He stormed away again, and I heard him tell the CRNA to 'throw a blanket over her, we need to get started;. You would think that the thousands and thousands of dollars we have spent would have bought me an extra three minutes of dignity. Apparently not. A few weeks after the retrieval, I had a Saturday appointment and was prescribed a medication that needed to be started that day. The office worker told me that they do not call prescriptions in on Saturday and then changed her story to 'well, it will be a while before I can call your prescription in'. Again, you would think after the thousands and thousands of dollars we have spent, they could call in an Rx. The following week, the billing coordinator left me a message via the front desk. Instead of calling me so we could discuss my benefit in private, she decided it would be 'easier' to leave a post it for the person at the front desk. As a result, I was forced again to discuss my insurance (which is very specific to my employer) in front of other clients. When I asked why she wouldn't have just called me (since it was her job), I was told "Jessie probably felt that it was easier this way". I'm so glad it was easier for her. What about the patients? So, after all of the issues, we had decided to escalate our concerns with the office manager. I am the primary patient but he never called me. He called my husband instead and when my husband shared our concerns, he also said that the he should still call me to discuss my issues. The office manager left a partial voicemail with no name and four digits. The following week, I asked again that he call me and the front desk assured me that they would send an email. Again, no call. When I was finally able to navigate around the GHETTO Akron office staff to get Brad on the phone, he had no excuses and would not confirm or deny his failure to call me back. When I asked Brad what exactly he did, he could not answer me. When I asked Brad who his boss was, he told me that 'it was a personnel issue" and that he did not need to share that information with me. This is their office manger. He is responsible for how the employees conduct themselves?!? Go figure. My advice, do not let your desire to have a child allow yourself to be abused by these people. You have choices, They bank on the fact that you want a baby so bad that you will endure all sorts of insults. There are other places.

Don't waste your time and money at this place!

Your rating: 15 1
I am not the type to write reviews, whether good or bad. However, I feel very compelled to write this review due to the poor patient care and lack of expertise received at RGI. I did my research and read great reviews about this place only to be deeply disappointed. 1) The staff were horrible. They rarely answered the phone and only returned calls days later after numerous messages demanding someone to please call you back. This happened even during cycle day sensitive matters which goes to show that they don't really care about their patients. When they were finally on the phone with you, they acted like you were bothering them. None of the staff were knowlegeable and no one could ever answer any of your questions. 2) The billing department was a mess. They billed my insurance twice for ultrasounds that I self paid in cash. This was after telling them several times that my insurance does not cover fertility treatments so please don't bill them for the ultrasounds. 3) I was just not impressed with the doctor. He was way too chatty on non treatment related discussions and had poor bedside manner. He left the room momentarily to perform an IUI on another patient during my initial consultation with him! I always felt rushed during the visits. I am trying for my second and not new to fertility treatments. Yet, instead of trying the protocol that helped me conceive my first at my old clinic (that I only left due to relocation to Columbus), he wanted to change things up including changing to lower dosage (even though I am older now) and using different drugs. Needless to say, it didn't work. I always felt out of control at this place and at every visit, they kept pushing for IVF. 4) Not impressed with the IVF consultation nurse nor the IVF finance person who called me twice and acted like we never talked after we had already spoken at great length about the costs of IVF a few weeks prior. All in all, this place was just very disorganized and did not have the level of medical expertise and professionalism expected. Even when requesting medical records, the records sent were not complete. I had to call back for missing pages. Speechless...now why should I spend any more money including IVF at this place? Going somewhere else!

The worst and the best

Your rating: 15 1
Front desk staff are the worst individuals on earth ( both of them) they cannot be nice humans and my recommendation for them would be to find a different job because they are incapable of working in a medical field. My IVF coordinator is the best person who I have dealt with so far. My doctor is ok but he could a little nicer.

RE: RE Docs are great, Lab poor quality

Your rating: 35 1
Despite wonderful doctors, the lab was of poor quality and the embryos not worth transferring at day 5. There were two lab docs, and I think we got the not so good one...at another clinic, we have 5- 5AA embryos, two times in a row since we are embryo banking. RGI said it was my husband's sperm. I'm more inclined to think it was the lab.

RE: The best

Your rating: 55 1
My husband and I are very happy with Dr. Moretuzzo and the entire staff. Very personable and treat all patients as individuals. We highly recommend them!

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