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Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan

Average: 2.5 (4 votes)5 1
130 Town Center Drive
Suite 106
Troy, MI 48084



Success Rates

IVF Success Rates: 

IVF Success Rates-Fresh Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan in Troy, Michigan performed 237 IVF cycles with fresh embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan 147 36 31 15 8 6 40.8 27.8 32.3 2 / 15 0 / 8 0 / 6

IVF Success Rates-Frozen Cycle

According to the most recent report published by the CDC, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan in Troy, Michigan performed 161 IVF cycles with frozen embryos in 2014. The number of IVF cycles and babies born, broken down by patients' age is as follows:

Clinic Name Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 >44
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan 89 39 24 5 4 0 49.4 46.2 29.2 1 / 5 2 / 4 N/A
Egg Donation Success Rates: 

Egg Donation Success Rates

As reported by Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan in Troy, Michigan to the CDC in 2014, the fertility clinic performed 52 donor egg cycles in that year; 21 cycles used fresh embryos from donor eggs and 31 cycles used frozen embryos from donor eggs.

Clinic Name Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%) Frozen Embryos from Donor Eggs Live Birth Rate (%)
Reproductive Medicine Associates of Michigan 21 52.4 31 32.3

*Success rates can be manipulated and should not be used to compare fertility clinics



All About the Money

Your rating: 15 1
Dr. Wolf & her staff are the worst! If the dr has any difficulty with your case, she throws your file on her desk and it sits there for weeks & weeks. That entire time, you get the run around from her staff that they would help if they could but, according to Amber, “Dr. Wolf is upset with your insurance company so she quit working on your daughter’s case!” Yes, a teenager that she “gave up on” bcuz Dr. Wolf believes she is God & if things go wrong, she doesn’t know how to fix it so, in adult like fashion, she gives up (all according to her staff!). IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: I’ve read numerous reviews (especially on this site) that say Dr. Wolf is only interested in the money. Let me tell you EXACTLY what she said to my daughter & I one visit! As my daughter is a Senior, we were discussing scholarships. I said to Dr. Wolf, I don’t believe my kids would qualify for scholarships due to our income. Her EXACT reply was, “My son got a full ride to (a college in Florida) for Marine Biology and I guarantee you that no one in this area makes as much money as I do!” That is an EXACT QUOTE - very down to earth dr??? ALL she cares about is making money, NOT the patients, the health of her patients OR if all the money you spend gets you to your goal (whether it be a pregnancy or, as in my daughter’s case) helping with true hormonal issues! Office Manager, Dana, is THE MOST disorganized office mgr I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. Amber had promised me three times Dana would get back with me but she NEVER DID! She supposedly called to cancel an appointment and sent an email. No phone records of a call & never received an email either! She’s a mess & but not a hot one!!!! The only time I ever met her, she had crumbs of cookie or cake all over the front her sweater, and food stuck in between her front teeth! Could not believe they would hire someone so disshelved but her disorganized appearance explains the disorganization of her office!

horrible place

Your rating: 15 1
We found out later my husband's sperm morphology was the problem. RMA assumed it was me and that the problem was "unexplained." Guess they do not know how to read a an analysis. My current doctor says "unexplained infertility" means that doctors have not done there job and boy is he right. He is one of the top rated in the country. My current doctor has a money back guarantee (80-90%) if you do not have a live birth, RMA does not. RMA used IUI for me and my current doctor says it is amazing I got pregnant considering my husbands sperm. RMA is expensive and they require that all the blood work be done there, other clinics don't require that. RMA sometimes brought in medical students without asking. Once they brought in a young male while I was already lying down with my legs in the stirrups. It was also frequently difficult to get them on the phone. The worst was that my baby girl died during full term delivery in June of 2016. I later found out the problem, but I had called RMA to ask about risks from the fertility drugs, including Bravelle which was recalled. They gave no sympathy for my ordeal and simply told me to call the drug company. A few weeks later I got a letter from RMA inviting me to a picnic for families! I called to tell them to take me off there mailing list. Guess what, I got the same letter this summer! I called back and left a message, telling them what they were doing and asking someone to do their job.

Two successful pregos

Your rating: 55 1
We went to Henry Ford first, they were very unorganized (3 months money wasted). Then we went to see Dr. Wolf (who is a God send) and Dr. Miller. The first time and month we were successful. Our second baby took two months to conceive. Dr. Wolf is amazing, she gets right to the point. Dr. Miller a very good Dr. but he lacks bed side manner and is a bit of a robot. I highly recommend this place.

Great Doctors and Staff

Your rating: 55 1
I have had nothing but great experiences with the doctors and staff at RMA. I started going to them in 2015. After 2 cycles of IUI I was pregnant and had my baby boy in April of 2016. Now I'm going back to have another. They are all very professional and caring. Always took the time to listen to me, and take my 8 million phone calls I had each cycle. I never felt rushed, or pressured. I love them and will always recommend them.

Thank You!

Your rating: 55 1
Eight days ago, I became a mom. It wouldn't have been possible without the great work from the staff at RMA of Michigan. Thank you Jennifer who found the perfect donor, Dr. Miller performed the transfer which was successful and I'll never forget the 1st ultrasound heartbeat with Dr. Wolf. Every single staff interaction was supportive and helpful. Words cannot express my gratitude!!

I had a very bad experience

Your rating: 15 1
I had a very bad experience today with Teresa Kotcher/staff of RMA and I have never ever been talked down like that in my entire life. Your clinic deal with a vulnerable population, and being treated like a trash is the last thing you could do to your patients. Its sad how your staff treat others with such disrespect. I had an appointment scheduled and it got cancelled a day before the appointment date because of an outstanding balance. The appointment was made more than two weeks ago and it would have been more professional to call at least a week to address any issues rather than a day before. Because I have an outstanding balance doesn't give your staff any reason to judge me or treat me badly. I am an emergency nurse and I treat every patient with respect irrespective of their status or skin color. I show compassion to all my patient and will do whatever I can to make my patients happy and comfortable including families. It's so sad how money is more valued than human beings. I hope your staff have some customer training classes because it could take just one day or one person to bring your business down. They don't know my story and I don't know theirs and that's the more reason I treat people with so much respect and assist them whenever I can..

Very disappointed

Your rating: 15 1
My husband and I waisted a little over a year going there. We did not just feel like "just another number" but also my condition does not have a "one best solution", instead we were directed to IVF because it is the most money making for the office, and we desperate and rushing, fell into the trap. Turned out IVF is not a solution for my case, seeing IVF Michigan now and they're considering a bunch of other more natural way of conceiving. Not to all RMA staff and nurses knowledge is below average.

Best choice we could have done!

Your rating: 55 1
We've been working with RMI for about 2 months and have had nothing but positive experiences. Their appointment times start around 6:15 am, just about 365 days a year. If you're new to the treatment process, this might sound crazy but it shows their level of commitment to quality and helping couples achieve results. When looking to conceive, every moment matters and frequent testing is needed to take advantage of every opportunity. The nurses and doctors have always taken the time to explain sometimes complicated processes into easy to understand and remember procedures. Thank you RMI!

You wont' be treated as an individual there

Your rating: 15 1
After wasting my valuable three months and money, I realized that this place doesn't care about patients. I felt I am just a number, one of many women who were also put through in the same cycles, ultrasound-medication-bloodwork. The doctor even didn't really provide any insights or explanations about my case - very robotic and impersonal treatment I felt I received. The financial consultant was extremely rude.

Reply from Jean Ross, RMA


I wanted to extend my apologies for your experience with us after reading your review. Our goal at RMA is to try and make this process as easy as it can be for patients because we know it is very difficult. We try to make every patient feel like they are an individual so to hear that wasn’t your experience is disheartening. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to give me specifics about your experience. We want to do everything we can to be better and we welcome the feedback, good and bad.

Jean Ross (248) 619-3113

Couldn't have asked for a

Your rating: 55 1
Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Staff is great and very compassionate. Expecting baby #2 in November thanks to RMA!

After researching the two

Your rating: None5 1

After researching the two centers with the best success rates, RMA and IVF Michigan we decided to go with RMA based on how we were treated by all of the staff. They truly go above and beyond in every aspect of their care. We couldn't be happier with our experience!

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