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Douglas S Rabin M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
33 South Broadway , Suite 303
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410



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Review of dr Rabin

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Dr Rabin had wasted a year of my life subjecting me to unnecessary treatments . Even when my husband and I came in stating that that we have three kids and cannot conceive due to my husband 's almost nonexistent Sperm count , he suggested that we disregard the count and treat me . We are Orthodox Jews . So is Dr Rabin . He went on to share how in Judaism we treat the woman first no matter what as we assume that infertility is mostly a female issue . What nonsense !!!! Upon my insistence he rechecked my husband ' s Sperm ( yup , poor poor count and motility ) and without further ado tried treating me with meds that made me really ovulate and eventually an IUI . During one of the bloodworks they actually labeled my blood with the wrong name !!! I was horrified . Reproductive Endocrinology cannot be lax about labeling specimens ! Naturally 2 IUI s had failed ( husband ' s count is almost nothing ) . During visits Dr Rabin cracked dirty jokes ( basically of sexual nature ) non step . Literally non stop ! His hands are very rough ! Every procedure and exam left me in pain and feeling violated ! ( I had given natural childbirth three times before him and saw my share of OBs ) . Dr Rabin was super super rude to his staff . Abusive , really . Asked me to reccomend him a decent nurse as everyone he hired was an idiot ( I actually liked the two nurses a lot ) . After a year of this BS I made an appointment with a great practice ( no way was I going to do IVF with Rabin ! A sole practitioner with a tiny office , mixed up specimens and abused staff . There was also a huge turnover of staff ( I wonder why ) . The new practice I went to , Fertility Institute examined me and thought that medicating me was preposterous . As was attending IUI with my husband ' s Sperm . They offered IVF which I immediately took . I got pregnant only to misscarry at 11 weeks . After the DNC , excellent physician Dr Levine took a biopsy of the ambilicsl cord and found that the fetus had a genetic abnormality . My husband and I had genetic counseling and testing . Finally we knew the reason behind his low Sperm count and infertility - robertsonian translocation . A rare condition where a part of his choromosome is missing . All the genetic material is there as part of a missing chromosome is attached to the previous one . Until the person Tries to reproduce . These men have 20 percent chance of impregnating anyone . We lucked out three times . We pushed our luck , went for an ICSE with PGD . They tested the embryos and only chose those who were healthy . 9 months later I had healthy and beautiful twin boys :) I donated the rest of the embryos . Another sperm sample was run on my husband and it was as low as before . God works in mysteries ways as months later I was pregnant with another baby ( on my own , without Fertility Doctors ) . And 2 years later had yet another baby . No way would I have had my 4 younger children had I stayed with Rabin . I don't know how this irresponsible , rude and totally not knowledgeable person can still be in practice . Horrid .

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