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John D Gordon M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
Dominion Fertility
Arlington, VA - Fairfax, VA



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Highly recommend Dr. Gordon and his team

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Today my husband and I watched in awe as our tiny developing baby moved around during our ultrasound. This wouldn't have been possible without the expertise and care provided by Dr. Gordon and his associates. I cannot praise Dominion Fertility highly enough. Anyone who has faced infertility knows the emotional rollercoaster you're on and how difficult it can be. Yet, Dr. Gordon and his wonderful team of nurses guided us through this whole process with absolute professionalism and compassion. I can honestly say that every single interaction I had with Dominion Fertility, whether it was with the doctor, the nurses, or the receptionist, was a positive one. Even when the news initially wasn't what I was hoping for, they helped us move forward with a plan, which is the reason I'm pregnant today. I cannot imagine receiving better guidance and care than that which I experienced at Dominion Fertility. Thank you to Dr. Gordon, all the nurses (so wonderful!), and staff. We are very grateful for the work you do.

Dr. Gordon and his team are incredible - Baby girl on the way!

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Dr. Gordon was recommended to us about 18 months into our fertility journey and a better suggestion could not have been made! Dr. Gordon and his team are the most engaged, kind, encouraging group of medical professionals I have ever known. It is because of their excellent work, commitment, and compassion that we will be welcoming our baby in 2017, and we are beyond thrilled. When Dr. Gordon sits down with you, he is entirely and exclusively available to you. He answered all of our questions, and even helped us ask questions we didn't know we should ask. He supports his answers with studies and statistics (both local to his practice and national average) to help you and your partner make the most informed choices. We never felt rushed or an inconvenience, quite the contrary - I felt like the entire Fair Oaks team was my partner on this fertility journey - they were advisors, champions, cheerleaders, and hope bearers throughout. Making appointments was a breeze and the Fair Oaks office was always timely with ushering patients in, getting to work, and sending them on their way. I know I can be in and out, for most appointments, in under 15 minutes. For a process that requires multiple visits, this is a wonderful luxury! In hindsight, I am most grateful for Dr. Gordon's explanation of, and encouragement to consider, embryo genetic testing. We learned a lot during IVF, and one piece of information we didn't know going into this was the number of wickets that can lead to attrition in the process of getting to a viable embryo. You will experience attrition during egg collection, egg fertilization, egg freezing, egg biopsy, and genetic testing results - before you even get to a place where you have an egg that can be transferred. Dr. Gordon explained all of this, and then explained that one of the greatest benefits we have in modern fertility treatment is the ability to perform genetic testing to confirm embryo viability. Hearing from friends and other women in the NOVA area that have experienced unsuccessful IVF procedures, I’ve learned that not all fertility clinics offer this, or recommend it as strongly, though I believe they absolutely should! We were a perfect example of how important this is! We "excelled" at all of the initial wickets - 20 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, all survived the freezing and biopsy....by all counts, we were far ahead of the statistical averages and feeling great about our success thus far. When our biopsy test results came back, with only ONE of 12 embryos being genetically viable - we were devastated. Dr. Gordon had us come into the office to talk with him. He offered encouragement, both in his direct and honest empathy, and though other examples he has seen and national averages, to assuage our concerns. Ours was not the result of any genetic issues from myself or my partner, so there was no larger problem to solve. We had one...and as they say, one is all you need. While bummed about not having frozen siblings for the future, this paled so greatly in comparison to the overwhelming gratitude that we had to Dr. Gordon for recommending the genetic testing in the first place. Had we not done it, we would have had 12 seemingly healthy, fertilized, frozen embryos waiting for us. We would have moved forward with the IVF frozen embryo transfer (FET) with 1 of 12. And we would have, in probability, experienced several unsuccessful IVF transfers and/or early miscarriages before we ever stumbled upon the one genetically healthy embryo. Saving us from that heartache cannot be overvalued. Seeing and hearing the impact of both of these experiences on other friends and acquaintances in NOVA, I feel so lucky that we were given the genetic testing option and strongly encouraged to do it. For anyone who happens to ask about my IVF experience in the future, this will always be my number one suggestion. With our one healthy embryo, whom we had lovingly nicknamed “Nemo” we went into our transfer cautiously hopeful. On the day of the transfer, my husband was in Afghanistan and one of my best friends accompanied me. They let her come with me back to the procedure room and they even let me FaceTime my husband, and her video the entire thing so that he could be “in the room” and we could capture the moment. As I said earlier, they’ve been our champions and cheerleaders from the start. As fate would have it, our Nemo transfer was a success. After four years of trying, we were pregnant! We will never be able to thank Dr. Gordon, Christina, Beth, and Jenn enough for what they have done for our family. It is because of them that I have the chance to become a mother and for the rest of my life, as I meet my daughter and watch her grow, I will give thanks to this incredible team. I am forever grateful for their knowledge and skills, for their humanity and empathy, for their unwavering commitment and encouragement.

Dr. Gordon made our dream come true, we blessed with baby boy.

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I am writing to let you know how very pleased and impressed we have been with our experience with Dominion Fertility clinic especially with Dr. Gordon and the team. I cannot speak highly enough of the attentiveness of Dr. Gordon, Nurses and the entire staff from reception to billing and Insurance. We came to Dominion Fertility Clinic after seven (7) failed IUI and one (1) failed IVF from another facility in Virginia. Every encounter we had with the team whether in person or over the phone was positive. I highly recommend Dr. Gordon to have honest and positive experience whoever struggling with fertility problems. I am confident that he will provide superior and effective quality treatment. We are incredibly blessed with a beautiful baby boy born on 08/16/16 at the age of 42 (c-sec). We just want to thank you of all your dedication, commitment and support to make our baby miracle happen.

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