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Janelle Luk M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
Neway Fertility
123 West 79th Street
New York , NY 10024



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Reviews (7)

No dr better than her!!!

Your rating: 55 1
After three years of trying, 12 IUIs, 1 failed IVF attempt we met with dr. Luk and decided to start again using her as our doctor. My first appointment with her all I did was cry hysterically through the appointment because I was told by my last doctor that I would never be able to get pregnant and they had no explanation why I could not get pregnant. Dr. Luke look at my chart and she gave me a list of scenarios and with her I got pregnant on my first round of IVF. Every single time I went to her appointment she knew how I was feeling and was so in tune to my emotions. Never Have I Ever Had a doctor quite like her. I am eternally grateful that we were able to have her as our doctor and today I have a beautiful baby girl and a little boy on the way. She is amazing at what she does and really genuinely cares about her patients. I couldn't recommend her enough.

Best doctor ever! Got pregnant with twins from first ivf attempt

Your rating: 55 1
After 11 years of infertility Dr.Luk did miracle and I got pregnant with twins! I've been to CWRC and New Hope for IUI, never worked out. At CWRC they told me I will never get pregnant and need to use donor egg (high FSH low Amh). I was devastated. Started saving money for one ivf attempt and at neway it cost only $3600!! Waiting time was 5-10 min, EXTREMELY effective. All staff are Sooo friendly and welcoming. Dr. Luk was always on point and very supportive! I just felt positive throughout all my hassle free visits. Highly recommend, don't even hesitate!! I was one of those who was reading numerous reviews and never write one. Dr.Luk changed my life. Thank you!!!!!!! :)))

She is the best

Your rating: 55 1
She is an amazing doctor. She is now at Neway. I went there and she gave us an overview of the IVF cycle and the different styles of IVF we can choose from. She is also opened to alternative therapies. I have gone to a number of IVF centers but finally we got a success here at Neway Fertility Center with Dr. LUK. She has been amazing.

I was treated by Dr. Luk at

Your rating: 55 1
I was treated by Dr. Luk at NHFC. She is exceptionally doctor! I was treated by her almost about 2-1/2 years ago and I would never forget her!! She is an awesome doctor and when she says she'll do something she always follow through even as simple as a phone call. I think she's so great from the way she treats her patients to they way she would speak to me. Till this day I still from time to time think about her and the two little munchkins that she had achieved for my husband and I our twin boys!! Thanks to Dr. Luk we just celebrated their 1 year birthday!! I definitely would recommend her to people that have difficulty having babies. She would not promised you anything but will get the result of achieving having a family!!!!

Thank god for her, we have a beautiful baby!!

Your rating: 55 1
Dr.Luk treated me when she was with NHFC. She knows her stuff, has great bedside manner, and was very emotionally supportive and involved, walking with us through our journey as we followed the mini-IVF protocol. Thanks to her and the other doctors at NHFC, we now have a beautiful baby boy.

We love Dr. Luk!

Your rating: 55 1
Dr. Luk's passion, compassion and down-to-earth direct communication makes her a truly great doctor. She is driven to get good results for her patients and also immersed in the complicated science of fertility. We would recommend her to anyone seeking IVF/fertility treatment.

She's the best she tells you

Your rating: 55 1
She's the best she tells you things exactly how they are love her

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