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Neeoo W Chin M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
11503 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246



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I can’t say enough about Dr. Chin. I had gone to another fertility specialist who told me in no uncertain terms I would not have a child. After days of crying a friend recommended I get a second opinion from Dr. Chin. He took the time to speak to me and my husband and give us a couple of options. We tried one thing for a few months that did not work. Dr. Chin sat with us and spoke to us about our other options. I don’t know many doctors that would have taken the time and spoken about their own experiences to help us understand. This is and can be a severally emotional journey. Dr. Chin sat with us for over an hour while I cried. He helped us and gave us the time to make our own decisions. I can’t tell you how grateful I am as I have just given birth to our son. There is no doctor that I would recommend more than Dr. Chin. He is honest, caring and yes sometimes candied. That being said, would you rather your doctor tell you the truth? Or let you throw your hopes and money away and tell you what you want to hear?

horrible experience

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Very very dissapointed in this visit. I was SO hopeful based on his reviews. He was horribly rude and inconsiderate, I honestly am still in shock at some of the comments he made. Very unprofessional! He criticized me for things that he knew obviously knew nothing about and that were completely UNRELATED to fertility. He put down my faith and my morals and made unkind judgements about my husband. Who does this guy think he is? I was appaled. As far as knowledge goes he told me nothing more than the other crappy gynos ive seen. Waste of my time and $$ wish I would have gone to bethesda fertility clinic I will be calling them next!

Twin girls

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Thanks Dr Chin for helping us achieve our goal of parenthood with the birth of our twin girls, Nichole and Phoebe. Thank You!

My wife and I have having a

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My wife and I have having a little trouble to accomplish our dream as many other married couples: have a baby. I saw your ad on the net and I step forward to contact you. Do your clinic have a business contact number I can call to and if possible book an appointment?
Thanks and God bless

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