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Craig Sweet M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
Specialists in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery
12611 World Plaza Ln
Fort Myers, FL 33907



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I started seeing Dr. Sweet in 2011, after being told he was the best in town. Everything was great at first...I adored him. When I finally made my decision to do IVF in 2015, the problems arose. Seemingly overnight, he had an entirely new staff. There were too many staff members, and too many student observers which made the office overcrowded and disorganized. The new staff seemed like they were right out of school and had zero experience with patients or even customer service. In my first IVF cycle, I received the wrong embryo information after my retrieval. Then I came in on Transfer day, was told to go into the exam room, undress from the waist down, only to find out that we couldn’t transfer. I went home in tears. Dr. Sweet would have known this before my appointment, so I figured he just wanted to explain face to face, and I thought the staff had me go in and undress by mistake. Mistakes do happen. However, from that point on, it was one mistake after another. They lost my patient file, they never returned my calls, had extremely long hold times, and they messed up my financials. They messed up appointment times on several occasions. I received automated phone call confirmations for appointments that I didn’t have, and did not receive any confirmation for appointments that I did have. The thought to find a new RE had occurred to me, but I was on the “DREAM DISCOUNT”, and my cycles were only going to get cheaper as I went along. So I went through with the second IVF disaster. Dr. Sweet did absolutely nothing differently. This time, every time they called with my embryo information, the number was different. I went from having 4 embryos to 5 embryos back to 4 embryos. I had one embryo that I was expecting to get transferred on day 5…and 3 more that I was expecting would have to be frozen. This time, I was put in the exam room, undressed from the waist down, and Rebecca came in and handed me paperwork for 3 blood tests, so I was thrilled that I was really getting a transfer this time. But I was disappointed a few minutes later when Dr. Sweet came in and told me that I had nothing to transfer. My one embryo had arrested. And the other 3 were a day behind. This time, my mom spoke up and questioned why he had me come in and go through the motions, when there was nothing to transfer. He could have had them put me in his office so that he could explain without making me get undressed for nothing. Dr. Sweet got very defensive, and ended up telling my mom that her anger was misdirected, she was not angry at him, but rather upset that there were no embryos, and in not so many words said to me that it was my fault and that is the reason that I was his patient to begin with. Like I needed it thrown in my face that my body isn’t working as it should. I left the office that day and never returned. I called another local doctor only a few miles away, and made the switch. That doctor’s regular price was only slightly more than Dr. Sweet’s 50% off DISCOUNT. I regret not leaving Dr. Sweet for the other doctor sooner. The new doctor got me pregnant on the first try.

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