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Steven R Lindheim M.D.

Reproductive Endocrinology
Wright State Physicians
ne Wyoming St., Suite 4130
Dayton, Ohio 45409



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Reviews (1)

Lack of professionalism

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I experienced a shocking lack of professionalism from this office. Tri-care patients, please be wary. Background: I was referred to Dr. Lindheim by my military Primary Care Manager, because I require care by a reproductive endocrinologist, despite not seeking fertility treatment at this time. When I first contacted his office, they told me they did not accept Tri-care (military health insurance), despite the fact that I had a referral from Tri-Care guaranteeing to cover the specific services, and had also called Tri-care to confirm. After two calls to make an appointment without success, someone felt bad and called me back and scheduled an appointment for me. They even offered not to charge me, in the unlikely event that Tricare did not cover it. That was very kind. At the appointment, Dr. Lindheim went through his fertility pitch, in the event that I would be interested in the future, and also ordered labs to be drawn at my local military base. Tri-care did cover the visit. The problem: After having the labs drawn and forwarded to him, I contacted his office to make an appointment so that I could get the results of my labs and get prescribed a new treatment. I was told he would call me back. He never called. Seven days later, I called to follow up and again was told he would call me back. Another week after that, I called again and left a message pleading with them to please at least inform me if he is refusing to treat me, so that I could request a new referral (it can take months for a referral to go through and then to actually get an appointment). I, again, reminded them that it was timely because I was not on any treatment. I have a diagnosis that requires hormone therapy for the protection of my long-term health. I never did hear back from him. I can only speculate whether they avoided me because they do not like dealing with my insurance or because they know I am not a prospective customer for highly profitable fertility treatments. I do believe a doctor should have a choice in who he/she treats, but to handle it through blatant neglect, while I worry about my health, is unacceptable and highly unprofessional. I will update this review if the doctor ever reaches out to me.

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