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El Paso Clinical Trials for Infertility

Infertility research is ongoing, and enables fertility clinics the opportunity to test and refine new protocols for infertility treatment, IVF and fertility preservation. Many clinical trials recruit patients to participate, the benefit for the patient being that they don’t pay for the fertility treatment associated with the clinical trial. There are a number of clinical trials conducted by fertility clinics and hospitals across Texas. Contact the individual research site for complete information on participation and the study protocol.

El Paso Assisted Reproductive Technology Lawyers

A host of legal issues are involved with assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that utilize a third party, such as:

El Paso, Texas Infertility Support

Infertility treatments can cause emotional struggles. It is common for couples to disagree about when to start infertility treatments, how long they will try to conceive and the fertility treatment costs. If infertility treatment is not successful, one partner may feel guilty and responsible.

Infertility Insurance Coverage in El Paso, Texas

Infertility treatment, particularly IVF, can be expensive. Insurance may cover some fertility treatment costs, but it varies widely plan by plan.

Surrogacy in El Paso, TX

If you are a woman in Texas who is going to use surrogacy to have a baby, where do you get started? First, you’ll need to confirm your plans with your fertility clinic and then find a gestation carrier. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is implanted with a fertilized egg, which usually comes from the couple or a donor.

El Paso Egg Donor Success Rates

There is one El Paso fertility clinic offering egg donation. The Southwest Center for Reproductive Health in El Paso did 18 egg donor cycles in 2010, 14 with fresh donor eggs and 4 with frozen donor eggs. These statistics are reported by the CDC in their annual ART Report.

El Paso, Texas Egg Donation

Image of El Paso, TX Egg Donation

According to the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, the Southwest Center for Reproductive Health in El Paso, TX, did 18 donor egg IVF cycles in 2010, 14 with fresh donor eggs and 4 with frozen donor eggs.

El Paso Fertility Clinic Success Rates

IVF success rates may be helpful when you are considering an El Paso or Texas fertility clinic. The Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, is published by the CDC each year. All fertility clinics in the US are required to submit success rates to the CDC, and the report takes three years to complete.

The ART Report lists important data for each fertility clinic in the country including:

Choosing an El Paso Infertility Clinic

There is one fertility clinic in El Paso, Texas: The Southwest Center for Reproductive Health. There are an additional 34 fertility clinics across the state.

When to See a Fertility Doctor in El Paso, TX

What are the indications that you should see an El Paso, Texas fertility doctor? If you are a woman and can say yes to one or more of the following you should schedule an appointment with a fertility doctor:


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