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Maine Fertility Guide

While there are no standalone fertility clinics in the state of Maine, there is one office location here: Boston IVF maintains an office in South Portland.

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important step. Some ways to make sure you are choosing the right clinic for you are scheduling infertility consultations with doctors you are considering and seeking out recommendations from doctors you trust. You may also want to consider other factors, such as how far the clinic is from your home or office, and whether they offer evening or weekend hours.

Maine Infertility Support

The fertility treatment process can be a challenging time for you and your partner—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Maine

Over the last couple of decades, many new advances have been made in the field of assisted reproduction technology that have greatly enriched the lives of those looking to build their families.

But as the technology has developed, new legal questions have been raised as a result of these procedures, especially when third parties are involved in a child’s birth. Attorneys are now specializing in a field of law called assisted reproductive technology law, or family building law. If you are considering an ART procedure, it is vital you retain the services of one of these attorneys.

Paying for Fertility Treatment in Maine

It’s no surprise that fertility treatment costs are a source of worry for many patients—that’s because fertility treatments can be expensive! The American Society for Reproductive Medicine estimates that just one cycle of IVF averages at over $12,000. Since more than one cycle is often necessary, you can easily be looking at thousands of dollars in costs.

Using an Egg Donor in Maine

Egg donation is a process by which eggs from another women are fertilized with sperm and then transferred into the uterus of the woman who is trying to conceive.

Surrogacy in Maine

Surrogacy is a type of complex assisted reproduction in which one woman, who is called the surrogate, agrees to give birth for another woman or couple, called the intended parent or parents.

Surrogacy may be an option for women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term, who have had their uterus removed, who experience repeated miscarriage, or who have certain medical conditions in which pregnancy may pose a risk. Surrogacy may also be an option for gay couples looking to build their families.

Find a Fertility Doctor in Maine

If you have been unable to conceive, you may wonder when you should see a fertility doctor. Current guidelines recommend you make an appointment with a fertility doctor if you have been unable to get pregnant after one year if you’re under age 35, or after six months if you are over 35.

Find a Fertility Clinic in Maine

If you have been unable to get pregnant, you may want to consider making an appointment with a fertility doctor. Fertility doctors are specially trained to help treat disorders of the reproductive system.

When to See a Maine Fertility Doctor

If you’ve been having trouble trying to conceive, you may wonder when you should transition from your ob/gyn to a doctor who specializes in helping couples get pregnant. According to current recommendations, women under the age of 35 should make an appointment with a fertility doctor if they have been unable to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. For women over the age of 35, they should only wait six months.


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