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Michigan Fertility Guide

You have many fertility clinic options in the state of Michigan—there are ten fertility clinics located in cities such as Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Dearborn, and Grand Rapids.

With so many fertility clinics in Michigan, you may wonder how to choose the best fertility clinic for you. One way to do this is to set up a consultation with the fertility doctors at the clinics you are considering. This will give you the opportunity to meet with them face to face and ask any questions you may have.

Michigan Infertility Support

Infertility counseling is a helpful option for men and women who are dealing with infertility and struggling through the fertility-treatment process.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys in Michigan

As the field of assisted reproductive technology has grown, a number of legal questions have been raised, especially in procedures when a third-party is used, such as surrogacy.

In order to help answer these questions—and protect the rights of those involved in the processes—a new field of law called assisted reproductive technology law, or family-building law, has developed.

ART Law Practices in Michigan

The following attorney in Michigan is a member of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys:

Freezing Your Eggs in Michigan

In 2012, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine removed the word “experimental” from their description of egg freezing. The procedure has continued to grow in popularity for women looking to freeze their eggs for social or medical reasons.

Using an Egg Donor in Michigan

There are 10 fertility clinics located in cities across Michigan, and many of these work with egg donors. According to the 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, which is published by the CDC, there were 385 total egg donor cycles performed in the state, including 199 fresh and 186 frozen.

Surrogacy in Michigan

Surrogacy is a complex type of assisted reproduction in which one woman, known as the surrogate, becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby for an individual or a couple.

Find a Michigan Fertility Clinic

If you have been having trouble trying to conceive, you may benefit from seeing a fertility doctor. Current guidelines recommend you transition your care to a fertility doctor if you have been trying to conceive without success for one year if you’re younger than 35 and for six months if you are older than 35.

Find a Michigan Fertility Doctor

In Michigan, there are 10 fertility clinics, which are located in cities such as Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Rochester Hills, Southfield, and Troy. If you have been having difficulty trying to conceive, you may want to make an appointment with one of the fertility doctors who work out of these clinics.

When to See a Michigan Fertility Doctor

You should consider making an appointment with a Michigan fertility doctor if you have been trying to conceive without success for one year, if you are under the age of 35. But if you are over the age of 35, you should only wait six months before making an appointment.


There are 10 fertility clinics in Michigan that offer consultations and fertility treatment for women and couples trying to conceive.

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