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New Hampshire Fertility Guide

If you are looking to transition your care to a fertility clinic, you’re in luck. There is one fertility clinic in the state of New Hampshire, which maintains multiple office locations in cities across the state.

Infertility Support in New Hampshire

It’s common to feel a range of emotions throughout your fertility treatment process—everything from loneliness to fear, to guilt and sadness

Fertility Treatment Costs in New Hampshire

Many infertility patients cite financial concerns as a top worry. In fact, according to research presented at the 2013 International Federation of Fertility Societies about 80 percent of patients undergoing IVF reported that money issues were a top stressor.

Paying for Fertility Treatment in New Hampshire

Fertility treatments can be expensive—for instance, the ASRM estimates that the average cost of one cycle of IVF is about $12,000. Plus, when you consider that more than one cycle is necessary, the cost can rise higher. So, what do you need to learn about fertility treatment costs before you begin?

Using an Egg Donor in New Hampshire

Egg Donor in NH

According to the 2011 Assisted Reproductive Technology Report, which is published by the CDC, there were a total of 15 egg donor cycles performed, including nine fresh and six frozen.

Surrogacy in New Hampshire

Attorney in NH

Surrogacy is a type of advanced assisted reproductive technology in which one woman, known as the surrogate, agrees to carry a child for another person or couple. They are known as the intended parent or parents.

Find a Fertility Clinic in New Hampshire

If you have been having difficulty trying to conceive, a fertility clinic should be your next step. Current guidelines recommend you see a fertility doctor if you have been unable to conceive for one year if you’re under age 35, or for six months if you are over 35.

Find a New Hampshire Fertility Doctor

There is one fertility clinic in New Hampshire, which is located in Lebanon. It also offers satellite office locations in Manchester, Nashua, and Concord, though all fertility treatments and services may not be offered at each location.


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