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Specifications for Legal Issues Section

This document describes the functionality to be implemented as "Legal Issues Page" and "Doctor White Papers". In reference to this functionality, please see the following:

Design Comp:

The new functionality involves the addition of three new blocks:

In Session
-Located sidebar left, below "Get Started"

-Two articles (source unknown)
-Inlcude title, author, name of column (from taxonomy term?)

Law Library
-Located sidebar left, below "In Session"

-Three articles (source unknown)
-Article fields need to be explained

Legal Headlines
-Located sidebar right, below "People are talking"
-Three articles, subset of articles on front page (note: looks like this needs to be filtered from news content via additional taxonomy term selection: ie, news articles with term "Legal Headline")

A special search function will be implemented as a faceted search environment (need to demo this and have it approved). Keyword search, plus author facet. (Original spec mentions a pulldown. Need clarification on this.)

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