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Video: What is PGD for Gender Selection?

PGD, or preimplantation genetic diagnosis screens embryos and allows your fertility doctor to replace one healthy embryo of the sex you desire. Dr. Daniel Potter of HRC Fertility explains.

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How Chrissy Teigen Chose Her Baby's Gender

Following IVF treatment, model Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with her first child with her husband, singer-songwriter John Legend. She has been facing backlash on social media since she announced that they chose to have a girl by transferring a female embryo. "Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo,” Teigen told People magazine.

Australians Traveling to the U.S. for Gender Selection

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Written in Partnership with HRC Fertility, December 16, 2015

With gender selection illegal in Australia since 2004, more and more Australians are traveling to the United States to choose the sex of their baby. Dr. Daniel Potter, a fertility doctor with HRC Fertility, sees approximately 20 Australian couples a month, a number that has doubled in the past four years. In September, Potter traveled to Australia for a reunion with 60 families he treated.

Potter, who practices in Fullerton and Newport Beach, CA, says most couples he sees are using family balancing to have a daughter; they already have more than one son. “Patients come from other countries to do gender selection because the United States is one of the few countries where gender selection is permitted,” he says. He views it as a “reproductive freedom.”

Family Balancing Q&A

Written in Partnership with HRC Fertility, August 19, 2015
Family balancing – choosing to have a child of the opposite gender of your child or children – is becoming more mainstream. By using preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), intended parents not only select the gender of their child but your physician can determine if an embryo contains the normal number of chromosomes. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) can identify genetic diseases that a person may carry and help prevent transmission of a sex-linked genetic disease. PGS and PGD are done with IVF, and only the embryo of the desired sex is transferred. The technology is more than 99 percent accurate in predicting gender.

What is the process for patients traveling to the U.S. for gender selection?

Dr. Daniel Potter, a fertility doctor with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, CA, explains the process for gender selection or family balancing for patients traveling to the US from other countries.


Expanding Reproductive Options in the UK with Gender Selection

Dr. Dan Potter of HRC Fertility in Los Angeles California is heading a project to educate and decrease stigma about family balancing in Europe.

Naturally Trying to Conceive a Specific Gender


There are a lot of fun old wives tales about how to tell the gender of your baby. If you're carrying down low, you're having a boy. If you're expanding horizontally and getting a few extra visits from the pimple fairy, you're growing a little princess who is gleefully stealing some of your beauty.

There are also countless fun old wives tales about how to naturally conceive a specific gender. Certain sexual positions will give you the results you're looking for. All you have to do is look up the Chinese gender predictor, type in your age and the month you want to conceive in and BAM - answers. Before you do the deed, cross your eyes and sing the lyrics to yellow submarine backwards (okay that's not a real one - stop the eye-crossing). Of course for every wives tale, there are women for whom it is an inarguable truth... Just not for all the women who tried them. So are there natural ways to try and conceive a specific gender that may be more than just fairy tales? Yes.

What is Gender Selection and How Does it Work?

Dr. Daniel Potter of HRC Fertility explains what is gender selection and the process involved.

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