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Some Medical Tips for You

Medical Tips

A blog by Emily Field, May 12, 2016

I was definitely not prepared for all of the medical appointments I would have to go to. I had no idea that I would be at the doctor up to three times per week. I had no idea how many shots I would need during my treatments. I like to keep it real and am hoping that these 8 tips will be helpful to you. I wish I had these!

The Right Fertility Treatment

One IUI, two IVFs, and one baby later, Elizabeth talks fertility treatment. "There are many protocols out there, and you have to really be in charge, because at the end of the day, it's you who is primarily affected by it."

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Staying Sane While Trying to Conceive

Exercise, acupuncture, massage, work - all have helped Alyse get through two years of fertility treatment. "I've come to realize over these two years that you need to do what you need to do to kind of keep your own sanity."

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Recurrent Miscarriage

Jamie has had three miscarriages and maintains hopeful. "All three miscarriages were different causes. I wanted to get back to myself, my body, physically, and I just wanted to move ahead..."

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Feedback on Surrogacy

Mark and Kathy received a lot of unsolicited opinions when they chose to have a third child with a surrogate. "People were judgmental about the surrogate. In the concept of something people don't understand, people tend to say, 'That's not a good idea.'"

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The Relationship with Your Surrogate

Mark and Kathy's relationship with their surrogate was built on honesty. "...Everyone has a different experience, and some people don't want to have the relationship with the surrogate the way we did, and that has to be respected."

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Secondary Infertility

Alyse had no problem getting pregnant with her first child, but fibroids and low ovarian reserve have been an issue as she tries to conceive again. Alyse had surgery for the fibroids, and was then diagnosed with High FSH.

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Telling Your Child Her Donor Egg Story

Joyce shares the fairytale she wrote and read to her young daughter that helped explain in a beautiful and loving way that her daughter was conceived with the help of an egg donor. "I think, invariably, it will come out, because they're going to need medical history, … They can have genetic testing done if they want to, so chances are that they'll find out that they're donor egg babies anyway."

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Do Not Wait to See a Fertility Doctor

Go straight to a fertility doctor if you're not getting pregnant. Now that she's been through infertility, Alyse says don't wait three or six months if you're not getting pregnant. See a fertility doctor.

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Recurring Pregnancy Loss

Source: Fertility Centers of Illinois
Although Lia and Steve have positive pregnancy tests following three IVF cycles, each one ends in miscarriage.

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