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Fertility SOURCE Companies

Fertility SOURCE Companies
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Fertility SOURCE Companies
24012 Calle De La Plata
Suite 370
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
949-872-2800 / Toll Free 877-375-8888


Fertility SOURCE Companies (The Donor SOURCE and The Surrogacy SOURCE) is the largest egg donor & surrogacy agency operating on a national level in the United States. We have the most comprehensive, interactive egg donor and surrogacy databases in the country, containing over 1,200 available egg donors from all parts of the country as well as over 25 gestational carriers from the various states permitting gestational surrogacy. All of our highly qualified egg donors and surrogates are personally met, carefully screened and counseled, and ready to be matched with Intended Parents. Our egg donor database offers intended parents a unique and interactive database allowing them to customize search preferences, receive email notification when new donors are added and save their “favorite” donors. Each donor is checked in with regularly to ensure availability, and many of our egg donors have been prescreened for AMH levels, giving our intended parents the added security of knowing their donor will pass that requirement at their IVF center. All of our surrogates are met and assessed in their own homes, as well as passing criminal background checks for all members over 18 yo living in the household. For Intended Parents living abroad, we provide International Surrogacy and Egg Donation options.

We are registered with the FDA and are 100% compliant with all regulations and standards set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. We have been in business since 2003, and have served over 2,000 satisfied Intended Parents since inception. Our company is owned by a group of prominent and successful fertility physicians and business people with extensive experience in the fertility field.

Fertility SOURCE Companies is proud to serve our LGBT communities. As the world of assisted conception continues to grow and advance LGBT families again have the distinct opportunity to lead the discussion of what our new biosocial families will look like -families empowered by choice that refuse to be limited by conception challenges or biological origin. The position we hold as one of the leading egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the country is a tribute to the continual commitment and passion of Fertility SOURCE Companies staff.

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The Donor Source
The Surrogacy Source

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