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Egg Donor Screening

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Egg donor screening refers to a number of different tests that are performed on all egg donors before they are allowed to donate eggs. Because standard screening guidelines have not been developed, screening practices vary between clinics and donor agencies. Still, exactly how egg donors are screened and selected is an important issue and one that should be carefully consider when selecting a reputable clinic or egg donor agency.

The Importance of Egg Donor Screening

A thorough screening of all egg donors is critical to both the recipient family and the egg donor to protect everyone’s health and well-being. Egg donors need to be screened in order to:

  • Prevent passing infectious diseases to the recipient
  • Minimize the chances of passing genetic disease or defect to the child
  • Ensure the psychological and emotional stability of the donor
  • Ensure the donor’s dedication and health throughout the donation process

Medical Screening

Medical screening typically begins with a fertility evaluation to verify the capacity of the donor’s ovaries to produce eggs. This usually consists of a physical exam, pelvic exam, ultrasound, and blood tests to check for hormone levels.

Additionally, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommends the following screenings and tests:

  • Blood Type
  • Rh Compatibility
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Syphilis
  • Drug Use
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • HTLV -1 (a rare virus associated with certain types of cancer)

A thorough medical and family history along with a genetic screening should be conducted as well in order to rule out any hereditary diseases (such as having a family history of cancer, heart disease, mental illness, etc.) or genetic abnormalities (such as being a genetic carrier for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, etc.) that could affect the offspring.

Psychological Screening

It is also highly recommended that all prospective donors undergo a complete psychological examination aimed at identifying emotional problems, evaluating donor motivations, and verifying the donor understands the physical, psychological, and legal risks that could result from donation. Common reasons potential egg donors are excluded from donating eggs include: a current psychiatric disorder; inappropriate motivations for donation, unstable lifestyle; unrealistic expectations from the donation process; history of psychiatric medication use; or sexual abuse.

Partner Screening

If the egg donor has a partner, the clinic or agency may require that the partner undergo blood tests to identify any infectious diseases as well as a psychological screening to ensure they fully understand the implications of egg donation.


Comments (54)

I'm in the process of researching egg donations for stem cell research, however I figured I may as well post a comment here! I'm 35 years of age, I've only been with one man (my husband) & have 3 amazing children (all in gifted and advance placement, who also are involved in programs such as the Model UN). I'm 5ft 2in in height, weight is around 128. Dark blonde hair, very fair complexion, and extremely light blue eyes with a dark blue ring around the outer edge of the iris. I'm of Irish/German decent, and have a lot of freckles. Only our youngest child has freckles, just a light sprinkling across his nose. My children are 18 (b), 16 (g), and 13 (b). My tubes were tied during the birth of my youngest, so I'm unable to get pregnant unless we used IVF or I had my tubes repaired. That means any eggs would not be at risk of being fertilized at home, though I would adhere to the rules of no intercourse if I were chosen as an egg donor. If someone is in the area and is interested, my email is just please write Egg Donation in the subject line. Just know that if I were chosen, you'd be helping me complete my education! I put everything on hold for my children as I became a mom at 17. Now that they are old enough, I'd love to pursue my goal of getting a Doctorate in Pharmacology. I do not remember my IQ score done as a child, but I was in gifted classes as well & held a 4-5.0 GPA and graduated early. Again, if you're in my area, or within a few hours drive, please contact me. If for whatever reason no eggs can be harvested, I would only ask for compensation of time and travel (even knowing about the pain involved with the injections and retrieval). I'd want you to have money to find someone else, however women in my family are exceptionally fertile! To the point of getting pregnant in their early 50's! I apologize for such a lengthy comment, but egg donation and the selection of a donor is not to be taken lightly. If I'm able to help someone, and complete my education I feel it'd be a win-win for everyone involved! Have a wonderful day and best wishes to those looking for a donor and considering giving the gift of life to a couple. ~Amanda

Hello, I am a 28-year-old Tamara...(Dark blonde hair and blue eyes).I have a husband and three children.I live in Georgia and I am a citizen of this country.I have been twice in Georgia was an egg donor.Donation was successful.If you are looking for experienced donors,Write to me via e-mail:

Hello, I am a 28-year-old Tamara...I have a husband and three children.I live in Georgia and I am a citizen of this country.I have been twice in Georgia was an egg donor.Donation was successful.If you are looking for experienced donors,Write to me via e-mail. You are agencies that do not pay a lot of money,I come to you with only 3000 dollars in compensation cases.

I am 20 but I'm two months away from being 21. I Have looked at being an egg donor since the day I turned 18. It's something I have always wanted to do and will do! Was wondering since the process takes a little while am I aloud to start the process early since by the time I'm done I will already be 21

I have two children and want to have one more but am very interested in donating my eggs but I have two blood clot disorders. Will this prevent me from being able to donate?

You should contact a donor egg agency or fertility clinic in your area to learn about the criteria for becoming an egg donor and if you are a candidate. Best, Claire

Hi Im 33 years old and would like to donate my eggs in exchange for ivf. Does anyone have any advice?

You should contact a donor egg agency or fertility clinic in your area to learn about the criteria for becoming an egg donor and if you are a candidate. Best, Claire

You'll need to check with a fertility doctor to see if you qualify to be an egg donor. There is medical criteria you'll have to meet. Best, Claire

Hi Sally, You would have to talk to a fertility doctor to see if you qualify for egg donation. There is specific criteria which donors must meet including the ability to be matched to a recipient based on their medical history. Good luck! Kim

Do they need to call your doctor to confirm all of your medical history? I heard about this girl talking about egg donation last night and i'm not interested,BUT i am curious-how do these doctors and couples know they are getting the egg they think they're getting? That's scary! What do they do ? It seems crazy

Hi Sara, You will have to give a complete medical history and undergo some medical testing before you can be accepted as an egg donor. There are tons of regulations and processes involved to ensure the couple is getting the eggs from the donor they chose. Hope that helps! Kim

I'm 25 going on 26 years old and I do not smoke, do not drink, do not engage in risky physical or sexual activities (I have only had one partner for 13 years and love them very much), I do not take anti-depressents, and I'm generally of good health. My BMI is about 39 and dropping! So yes I'm working on losing weight. I'm also College student and working towards my future goal of being a physician's assistant. I have dark blonde hair and gray eyes and never had acne or skin problems. Also I age slowly meaning I look very young for my age (I look 16/17 years of age) However, I have Type I diabetes and other than my BMI being in the obese category and I'm working towards a much healthier BMI of about 26/28. Will the diabetes keep me from being able to donate my eggs? I would love to give a woman something that would bring her great joy and pleasure. As a student it would be to difficult for me to raise a family at this time in my life. I would be so greatful for the compensation as it can help pay for my student loans and debts! Thank you for any answer or consideration. I'll be checking back often :)

Hi Amanda, Egg donation programs take a thorough medical history of their donors before allowing them to donate eggs. It all depends on whether they will be able to match your eggs to a recipient and they will have to disclose the history of juvenile diabetes. You should contact a local egg donation program to check their requirements. Best of luck! Kim

Hi Hazeleyez,

It sounds like you are interested in pursuing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) with donor sperm. If you would like me to help you find a fertility doctor in your area who can help you with this, please email me at

Patient Services Coordinator
Fertility Authority

I am 32 and single. I would love to have a child before turning 35. I'm more interested in becoming a mother than becoming a wife. I earn enough income to manage being a single parent and I have enough family and emotional support. I'm also interested in becoming a donor to help women like myself but who are having fertility issues. I have a BMI of 33.6. Does my age and BMI disqualify me?

I am 23 years of age and I smoke but I will quit before any type of process I will have to go through as an egg donor. I have NO health issues from smoking or any in general. Would this disqualify me?

i am 28 years old and interested in donating my eggs. i have type 1 diabetes can i still donate my eggs

im 21 and want to know how i can become an egg donor so. what do i need to do and how much does it pay?

I am very interested in egg donating, I am 25 years old with 5 kids (all mine) but I just recently quit smoking.... Will that disqualify as an egg donor? Also, I do not know how to get started any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. Please e-mail me at

I am a 23 year old single mom -of a 2 year old boy-, I am interested in donating my eggs but I am afraid to trust just any advertising of the process. How do I know who to go to? Who can I contact?

I am a 23yr old student at an community college. I have a 11 month old and would like to become a donor and give a couple the experience of having kids.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor or a surrogate, you should contact an egg donor agency or surrogacy agency in your area. They can provide you with information on eligibility and other requirements. Also, many fertility clinics have donor egg or surrogacy programs. You can do a search by city or zip code on FertilityAuthority to find a fertility clinic near you.


I am 32 years of age. I have 3 wonderful kids. 2 I carried and had natural births (no drugs). My oldest came with the marriage to my husband. I would like to help couples in need, so they can experience the happiness of raising kids of their own. I have offered to be a surrogate mom for my brother and his partner but they are not yet ready to have kids. So I figured I would like to help other couples who are unable to have babies. How do I become a donor to help other Families.

I am 25 years old, have had 3 pregnancies, one resulting in miscarriage, my babies had no problems and I am in very good health. Ihave been married for 6 years, my husband has had a visectamy and we are very much done with our family but feel strongly about helping other couples. I do take an antidepressant and have HPV. Will either of these factrs mean I cannot become a donor?

I am 19 years old and i would like to donate my eggs. I am young so I'm not planning on having any kids right now. I would love to help out a family who can not have children. Would i qualify or am I too young to donate?

I am 25. I would like to donate my eggs, but don't know how to do it. I'm a little overweight. Is there a physical 'norm' I have to be at in order to donate? Also, is there any cost to me throughout the donation process? What about who gets my eggs? I understand about confidentiality, but I would like to screen the family I would be adding to, at least on paper.

hello. i am currently recreating my 5 year plan. i would like to include egg donation! i have never smoked. don't drink. 5'6-ish 116lbs... my mother was born with a cleft lip and palate. i think this means im a carrier. does this mean that they will not except my egg? PLEASE give me as much of a response as you can! =D yay for babies!

I am 22 years old and in the army reserve. I do not smoke and only drink on occasion. I have had no children and don't think I want any of my own. I was adopted and when I decide to have children I would like to adopt. I want to help out other women who are unable to have children of their own. How would I go about finding a donation center near by, and would i get compensated for donating? Also, do I have to pay for any of the doctor test or visits?

I am having a hysterectomy in Jan. I would like to provide eggs for people who need help. Also It wouldnt be so bad to have extra money.

I am active duty in the military I am 23yrs old I have a 4 yr old girl and two 21 month old boys I don't drink or smoke. I have had two abortions since my twins and I want to get my tubes tied but I want to donate my eggs first because I know that they will be of good use to someone else question is how do I go about donating my eggs if I am stationed somewhere that isn't close to a hospital specilizing in egg donation and does the military cover it

hey! I am donating now. What happens is, find an egg donation site, then they will set you up with a couple if you meet all of the health requirement. Then the family will have you go to THEIR doctor, and THEY pay for it, you don't pay for anything at all. If they are in a different state they will fly you there, but try and see if you can do it in state so you can just drive. Just do the online stuff, the rest they will help you with.

i currently have 2 children and i have had 3 live births. there was an in family adoption and it has meant so much to me to help someone who couldn't conceive, when i couldn't give the child the future that they could. i am however overweight and have a BMI of about 44% according to the calculator anyway. otherwise i have no health problems, and excercise regularly, but i was wondering if the BMI alone would be a determining factor for eligibility?

I am 29 years old and in great shape. I would like to know the steps to donate my eggs, and how much I would get compensated. Thanks!!

My mother is almost 52 years old and we've talked about her freezing her eggs for me because I had a full care hysterectomy about 5 years ago (when I was 23). Is she too old to freeze her eggs for me to use with a surrogate later?

Is there an age requirement? Or can anyone be a donor? I'm only 19 but I feel like helping people out there who can't do this on their own?

hi I have had five misscariges in the past 18 months I really want a child so much its heartbreajking I have lost so many im looking for someone to donate there egg to mee and get me pregnant xxx

I just turned 23 years old and I am considering becoming an egg donor. I have been pregnant 4 times but only have 2 children. I rencently stopped smoking and have lost some weight I was wondering if any of that would disqualify me as being a donor

I'm just wondering, I have one beautiful little girl, and I have had two miscarriages... would that disqualify me for egg donation?

I am currenly a 24 year old female in the active duty army i have 1 little boy but i don't plan on having anymore children. I have been seeing a psyhciatrist since my last appt. but no medications. would this disqualify me from being a donor?


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