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Getting Started with Egg Donation

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If you’ve decided on using an egg donor, your first step is to choose between an anonymous or known egg donor. Your options:

  • An anonymous egg donor. You and your child will never know the donor’s identity (unless the laws change) beyond her basic medical and personal background provided in the egg donor agency’s profile.
  • A semi-anonymous donor. The donor agrees to reveal her identity to and meet with your child, usually at age 18.
  • A known donor — a friend, relative or a donor you recruit independently. Many women ask a sister or trusted friend. The benefits: you’ll know the donor and your child can maintain a connection with her. If she’s a biological relative, your child will have a genetic connection to you.

Egg donor sources:

  • Many fertility/IVF clinics have donor programs that recruit healthy women (usually age 21 to 30) who provide their eggs for a fee (may range from $5,000 to $10,000+).
  • A private donor broker or agency. Hundreds of brokers and agencies advertise on the Internet. Or, ask your fertility clinic staff for referrals to reputable egg donor agencies.
  • You can advertise for an egg donor with specific characteristics you desire via websites and campus newspapers.
  • Some fertility clinics have “egg sharing” programs where a patient with healthy eggs shares hers for a fee, usually a portion of treatment costs. Most IVF patients produce more eggs than they need during a hormone-stimulated "superovulation." This arrangement helps patients secure eggs and helps the donors cover treatment costs.

You can select traits such as race, ethnicity, educational level, eye color, etc. in these options. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Do thorough research. Also, retain an attorney experienced in donor gametes to insure your and your child’s rights. Don’t rely on the agency, broker, or clinic legal documents.


Comments (31)

I am interested in becoming a egg donor. But I'm older than the age requirements of 27 to 30 years of age. I'm a 35 year old Certified Medical Biller and Coder. I'm also a very fertile mother of four. Youngest of which is 9mths old. I'm looking for an agency or fertility clinic in the Lithonia Ga area. Could someone please help me?

Hi Jatorri, You should contact your local fertility clinic or egg bank to check on their age requirements for donors. Best, Kim

I would love to donate my eggs , to whom it may concern , I am very heathy always well as I have a healthy little boy

You can contact a local fertility clinic or donor egg agency for information about donating your eggs. Best, Claire

Hi Catherine, You can contact a local fertility clinic or egg bank to find out more information about donating your eggs. Best, Kim

i would like to know how to become an egg donor?

Christina, you will have to contact a fertility clinic or egg bank near you. You can use the locator tools throughout our site by entering your zipcode.


Hello, I would like to apply to be an egg donor. How can I do this? Thanks!

I want to help a couple out and donate my eggs to them. I'm 20 years old and located in St. Louis MO. How do I get started?

Hi - Your first step would be to contact fertility clinics to see if they recruit egg donors - Fertility Center at Missouri Baptist, The Infertility Center of St. Louis, or Washington University Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Center. If not, they can put you in touch with the St. Louis egg donation agencies they work with.

Good Luck!


I am 40, I would like to donate eggs to my sister but I am afraid after a certain age you cant become a donor. If I still insist to be one irrespective of concieving chances, can I still go ahead with it? Will there be any complications?


Hi, Im 19 and would love to donate eggs to help people. I have kids 2 little ones and im in college. i know two people who cant have kids and i would love to help people.


I am 39 yrs old and can't have a baby due to early meno pause. I am seeing a fertilitist. do u know any agencies on Staten Island, N.Y.?

Thank you

Hi, I'm Felicia..
I'm almost 22 & very healthy & live in Ruskin, FL.. I would like information on how I become a donor.. Please email at Thank You..

I would like some information on donating. Iam 19 healthy, in Connecticut in college. I attend Mancheter community college. i would like some inbformation about donating my eggs.

Im a 33 year old Black woman living in Jamaica NY looking to donate my eggs. I have a 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. Im a Medical Technician and Im interested in finding a clinic that will accept my egg donation. Can you please let me know where I can go??

im seriously considering donating my eggs im fom detroit,mi if what is the procees of this still young im 22 but i have three kids and im done so i have eggs and nothing to do with them.

Would like to donate my eggs but cant find anywhere in oklahoma to donate. Is there anyway you could help me?

I am interested in learning more about the donating process. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!

Hi Jennifer & Jessica! The first step would be to contact a fertility clinic near you. You can use our clinic directory to find one. Just look up to the left sidebar and find the box with the green bar that says Get Started. They'll help you figure out what's next!

Need help or have a question? Contact me!

My name is jessica cole and i would love to know more information about donating eggs and the application process

PLease send me more information on what I have to do to donate my eggs. My name is Jennifer Dzialo and my email is Thank you for your time!

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