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How Is My IUI Cycle Progressing?

An intrauterine insemination (IUI) is quick, taking about five to 10 minutes. In most instances the IUI is pretty painless, potentially causing mild cramping, but it generally isn't more uncomfortable than a Pap smear. (In some instances, women find the cramping can be severe.)

Immediately after the procedure, the woman lies on her back for approximately 20 minutes. Then, even though potentially a life-altering event has occurred, she can get dressed and get back to her routine. Some fertility doctors suggest taking it a bit easy for the rest of the day.

Monitoring for Infection after IUI

After an IUI, there is about a 1 percent risk of infection. Watch out for chills, fever, and severe abdominal or pelvic pain, especially within 24 to 72 hours following the procedure.

Any of these symptoms mean a call to the fertility doctor is in order right away.

Pregnancy Testing

After the relatively quick and painless process of the IUI, the next step is both lengthy and nerve-wracking — waiting to see if the procedure was successful.

Although the temptation to take a home pregnancy test will be great, fertility doctors caution women not to take one for at least two weeks — if at all. It’s at that point that pregnancy hormone levels are high enough to produce a positive test result.

Testing too soon could result in either a false negative or a false positive. False negatives occur because not enough human chorionic hormone (hCG) is present to produce a positive test result. False positives occur if the woman used ovulation-inducing medications such as hCG, which could still present in the body and throw off the test.

Most fertility doctors request that women return to the office for blood pregnancy tests instead. They are more sensitive in detecting pregnancy than home urine tests.


Comments (7)

Most doctors will make you take a pregnancy test at home and then give you a bloodwork a couple of days after in order to rule out possible false negative results given when you take a pregnancy test at home.

Iui is good choice because it helps us to concieve when you can not get pregnant the naturally way. And i perver getting pregnant the natural way when you have a slight problem, iui and ivf may be the best solution or option. Thank you peace be with you!

i had my iui on egg are 1.8,1.5 and my endometriem is 0.5cm .i want to know the endometriem size is ok or not.pis write me the normal range of egg size and endometriem

Hi, i had my IUI done on 9th October 2010 and got a Urine test done on the 20th of October, it turned out to be negative. Can this be false? I am hoping so. Is there any chance that i could be pregnant and this is a false result? Please answer.....

i m under going an ivf .i got my embroy transfer on 15th june .i did my urine pregnancy test on 24th june at home it came negative .are there still chances that i can be pregnant

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