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Genetic Testing

Dr. Bruce Albrecht from Albrech Women's Care discusses what genetic testing is with PGS.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Dr. Frank Yelian from Life IVF Center discusses what the best fertility treatment is for women who are poor responders and also he diminished ovarian reserve.

Fertility Preservation

Dr. Sherman Silber from The Infertility Center of St. Louis discusses fertility preservation through ovary freezing.

Male Infertility

Dr. Donald Evenson from SCSA Diagnostics discusses what sperm DNA fragmentation is and why it is necessary.

Fertility Preservation

Dr. John Couvaras from IVF Phoenix discusses what the best age is for a woman to freeze her eggs.

Genetic Testing

Dr. Alexander Bisignano CEO of Recombine discusses the role of genetic testing in the treatment of infertility.


Dr. William Schlaff from RMA at Jefferson discusses what a woman should know about the connection between ovulation and PCOS.

Fertility Tests

Dr. Anate Brauer from Greenwich Fertility Center discusses what tests are involved in the fertility workup.

Mini IVF

Dr. Richard Grazi from Genesis Fertility discusses when minimal stimulation IVF is the right treatment.

Fertility Doctor

Dr. Anate Brauer from Greenwich Fertility Center discusses when it is time to see a fertility specialist instead of your OBGYN.