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Your Fertility: Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation

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The first step to understanding your fertility is to understand your menstrual cycle and ovulation. Understanding the phases of your menstrual cycle will help you understand the natural process your body is going through, and when you are most likely to conceive.


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I am 24 and my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now and no success. I have also tried with other partners in the past and still nothing. On my last check up at my obgyn doctor she said everything looked normal. All of the other women in my family are very fertile and have no problem. But it seems like that just isn't the case for me. Is there hope? I'm getting so discouraged and I'm beginning to feel like i can't.

Hi there,
I'm starting to become worried. My partner and I are trying to have a baby. We have been actively been trying for about 9 months now. However it has been 18 months without contraception. We are both young (23 years) what could be the issue?
Our doctor has organised blood tests, but what will they be able to reveal?

Thanks in advance...

Hi - You are taking the right steps by getting a fertility workup, which will include blood tests to check hormone levels, and may include other diagnostic tests to check your fallopian tubes and uterus, and some fertility doctors do a post-coital test to determine if the sperm can penetrate the cervical mucus. Your doctor should also do a semen analysis. This article provides a good overview of the fertility workup, and this article is a good checklist to bring with you to the fertility doctor.

If you're having a hard time getting pregnant, it's important that you see a fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist, for these tests and for fertility treatment rather than a gynecologist.


im 23yrs old felling like i know need a baby.i cannt conceive i dont know whats wrong with me. i ussually have periods at the end of the month.and years ago when i started my period they where jumping their mounthly cycle 5 mounths before theyll come back again. could that be the problem of my struggle to conceive.and can you help me in having a baby boy.

my period flows ones or twice in a month, and am not finding it funny @all. i have a daughter of 11yrs, i took in twice and went for an abortion due to complication of spotting during pregnancy that was 4yrs ago.
I need a child and dnt even know when i ovulate. What do i do? i need an urgent reply, thanks

Hi dear,
This is not a comment but a desperate call for help(especially to Dr J. Zhang). Iam 42, I am strugling to have a baby since 2 years ago and finally I did have hysterectomy due to massive myomata. I thought about surrogacy but I do not have a surrogate partener...I am leaving in africa. I know you guys can help me, please just contact me at the abovementioned e-mail address and tell me how and...the cost.

I had an eptopic pregnacy which resulted in the removal of my falliopian tubes. I have resently got engaged and am getting married we want to have kids. I am 27 and he is thirty neither of us have kids. I am wondering if anyone could help me out and let me know where to start with this long process. We live inutah is there any doctors you would recommend?

polycystic ovarian syndrome

This is what they say I have, I'm on lots of pills for it but don't understand a word of whats coming out of the doctors mouth half the time. I just need people to talk to that are just like me. that may have answers to some of the question i have like medications when is fertitiy pill to high am moving up to 150 this month on the coma drug i really don't want more than one child at a time. What it mean when you have a egg on the screen "sona gram" and the blood test show you didn't have one because levels are to low. My husband does care to talk about this and I need to know that am not the only one with problem out there. I have one child 4 years ago almost 5, and can't for the life of me get why fertitiy is needed now when my first child was easy to conceive.

Hi - I'm really sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time, and that the information is difficult to understand. You are definately not alone - about 5-10 percent of women have PCOS. And secondary infertility - meaning you have one child but are having a hard time getting pregnant again - is not uncommon either. Doctors may prescribe Metformin, a Diabetes drug which helps control insulin levels and blood sugar levels, and can help with ovulation.

If you're not seeing a fertility specialist - a reproductive endocrinologist - you should be. (You can use the find a doctor search on every page of our website.) And ask them how they treat women with PCOS - and what makes sense given your specific situation. It's important to find a doctor who you're comfortable talking to and who can give you the information you need.

how can i tell if i can conceive i have been tryin for more then 2 years and starting to think i cant have children i got pregnant 3 years ago and had a abortion could that be thereason i cant conceive

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