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20s Fertility

Your fertility is at its peak in your 20s. There are a relatively large number of eggs in your ovaries and it is likely that a very high percentage of these are good quality. This means that your chances of recruiting and maturing an egg and, if it is fertilized, having it successfully implant and develop in your uterus, is excellent.

Getting Pregnant in Your 20s

Women 20 to 24 have an 86 percent chance and women 25 to 29 have a 78 percent chance of getting pregnant in a one-year period. There is a 5 to 10 percent chance of spontaneous miscarriage.

Fertility Treatment in Your 20s

If for some reason you do have trouble becoming pregnant (12 months of unprotected sex without conception) you should see a fertility doctor, who will do fertility testing to try to determine why you aren’t conceiving. If the test results indicate that you would benefit from fertility treatments, you are likely to have good results. Across the 20s, women have a fairly stable response to fertility treatment: slightly less than half of assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles in this age group result in pregnancy and 40 to 45 percent of all ART cycles result in a live birth.

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How successful have researchers been in developing egg-freezing techniques?

For example, what is the probability that a woman who freezes her eggs at 21 in 2011 will be able to deliver a full-term healthy baby with those eggs in 2031 or 2041, at age 41 or 51?

i am 24 year old trying to get pregnant from past 2 years. i have got my cervix checked, my tubes checked and have got ivf treatment done 2 times, everything is normal but i am not able to get pregnant. even my husband's sperm counts are fine. please help me,tell me the solution really very tensed now........

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