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Cervical Position: What Your Cervical Position Tells You About Your Fertility

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One way to become familiar with your menstrual cycle and ovulation is by checking your cervical position. Checking your cervical position will allow you to notice changes throughout the month and get a personal prediction of your most fertile time of the month. It helps you to know when ovulation is about to occur and can also indicate whether or not pregnancy has been achieved.

Keep in mind that if you have been monitoring your cervical position and tracking ovulation, but still have not gotten pregnant, it may be time to see a fertility doctor. A woman under the age of 35 who has been trying to conceive for one year with well-timed intercourse, or a woman over the age of 35 who has been trying for six months without success should consult a fertility doctor.

How to Check Your Cervical Position

  • Checking the cervical position takes some practice. A good time to try is after a bath or shower.
  • Always wash your hands well prior to checking your cervix.
  • Keep nails trim so as not to cause discomfort.
  • Sitting on the toilet or squatting or standing with one leg on the edge of the bathtub are good positions to be in. Use the same position each time you check your cervix.
  • Gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina. Feel for the cervix - located in the upper front or top.

With practice you will start to notice the changes the cervix goes through during your monthly cycle. (Some women are squeamish about checking during bleeding, and wait until menstrual flow stops.) Because every woman’s cycle is different, including the length of different phases of the cycle, it may take several cycles before you get to know your own body.

Cervical Position

The position and texture of your cervix will change during your cycle:

  • During menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood to flow out. It feels like the tip of your nose.
  • After your period stops, the cervix remains low and hard and the opening to the uterus (uterine os) remains closed.
  • As you approach ovulation, the cervix rises up to the top of the vagina and becomes softer and moister.
  • At the height of ovulation, the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and the uterine os is open to allow sperm to enter in. Sometimes the cervix seems to disappear – which just means it has become so soft that it blends in with the vagina walls and rises so high that the finger cannot touch it. This is known as SHOW - soft, high, open and wet. This is your most fertile time and is the optimal time to have sex to achieve pregnancy.
  • Once ovulation occurs, the cervix drops lower and becomes more firm - once again feeling like the tip of your nose. The opening to the uterus will become tightly closed. This can happen immediately after ovulation or may take several hours to several days.
  • When pregnancy occurs, the cervix will rise up and become soft, yet the os will remain tightly closed. This occurs at different times for different women – as early as 12 days after ovulation or well after the pregnancy has been confirmed by a home pregnancy test or doctor.

Monitoring Your Cervical Position

Not every woman is comfortable performing the check and there are other ways to monitor your cycle. But this is something that is simple, can be done at home, and can help you take control of your fertility. Getting to know yourself and all your fertile signs will help you time intercourse for pregnancy.

Comments (128)

Hi ! I have no ovulation kit available in the little island I'm from and my cycle is irregular . I get very confused with checking whether the cervix is open or closed - can't really feel the difference with my finger . Is the cerviccal muvus discharge a good way of knowing the fertile time or ovulation ? My ovulation pain is not always linked to the egg white discharge... When my cervix is high I get a huge amount if cervical mucus - so much that when I go to the toilet it hangs from within my vagina into the water if the wc . I'm scared that during sex all the sperm slips out through the huge discharge if cervical mucus

I'm not sure If I am ovulating, ovulated or yet to ovulate.My cervix is high and soft..Had sex on 18th and 19th day of my cycle. 17th day I had thick creamy white cervical mucus. Do you think I can get pregnant?

Wanted to know if am pregnant too because I felt same when I checked my cervix

I just recently started with my new bf and today I wasn't feeling good, I had some concerns so I checked my cervix, it is very low and very soft. ... Last time it was like that ... I found out I was expecting.

After my last peiod, I had sex wit my hubby n I felt serious pains and when I google to check what was wrong I find out that my cervical postion is low. So I checked my self as read to comfirm. We had sex last week and it was high and without pain. After then I starting having this fevrish feeling, trolling up, back pain, frequent urination. After them it has remain high. What could be going on?

Hello Jenny, I'm sorry to hear that you're having concerns. If you're experiencing painful sex and suspect that your cervix is positioned low, and are experiencing an array of symptoms I think it would be in your best interest to consult with your OB/Gyn to get to the bottom of things.

Can the ovulation predictor kit (OPK), give a positive after ovulation? I've been tracking my cervix position & fluid & have been using an OPK daily. My cervix has been high, soft, slightly open & I had egg white cervical fluid yesterday and a very negative OPK where the test line barely registered. Today my cervix has started to firm up, still high & slightly open (less than before though), & my OPK is positive. How do I interpret this? Everything I've read says your cervix will stay soft until after ovulation & that a +OPK means you will ovulate in 24-48hrs.

Hi Rhea,

OPKs can be tricky. You should call your OB-GYN for a blood hormone test to determine if you have ovulated.


Last had protected sex three weeks ago, one week after starting last period. Haven't gotten next period. Needing to drink lots of water, headache, using the restroom more. Cervix high but hard. Started birth control again last Wednesday, but that normally doesn't affect my periods. Haven't been throwing up, but am having diarrhea.

Hello Lauren,

If you think that you may be pregnant I highly recommend that you set up an appointment with your OB/Gyn so that you can undergo some tests to determine whether or not you're pregnant. You can also take at home pregnancy tests.

Best of luck.

I'm 5dpo and today I had light tan/pink DC when I wiped. It happened a few times.cervix is high but kinda open. Which it always has been since I had my daughter 2 yrs ago. Also my breasts are sore and tender. What are the chances we are pregnant? We had sex every day.

Hi Dana, The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to have a blood pregnancy test done by your OB-GYN. Good luck! Jenna

Had my cycle as normal 14 days later started having light bleedIng brown in colour now 5 days late n no signs ov my missed cycle had neg tests cervix seems verry low and feels dry my cycle is always regular 28 days only time ever missed cycle has been when pregnant help

Debbie, The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to have a blood test to measure your hCG (pregnancy hormone) with your OB/GYN. In the meantime, you could take a home pregnancy test. Best of luck, Jenna

My cervix is low hard n abit opened,done with my period 7days back but still spotting.need clarification pls

I had a (one day) period and at the very end of it (it lasted maybe 24 hrs) stretchy clear discharge with very small amount of blood when I wiped...I normally have a 6/7 day very heavy period. With a low cervix. I had small wierd cramps this morning...didn't really hurt...just could feel them. Any suggestions of what could be going on?

I've been thinking about getting pregnant for 4 months now. I'm just learning this new method of checking your cervix and cervical mucus. I have the Implanon in my arm which I was suppose to have removed 10/26/2012 its almost 2 years overdue. I have been having unprotected sex and haven't conceived but I was wondering could i still get pregnant with the Implanon in my arm or will it continue to do its job, even though its 2 years out of date. until I get it taken out

I don't know why you would keep this in your body especially 2 years overdue. It should be removed before trying to conceive.

In may I went thru a miscarriage losing a. LOT of blood. In June I started birth control. I started my period but ONLY SPOTTED the FIRST and LAST Day,of the period. Here it is July I been moody. Passing gas, craving chocolate with LIGHT cramping and I haven't started my period (I am no longer on birth control). A negative pregnancy test also. Last week my cervix was low and firm. Today it is high and soft. Could this be pregnancy?

Cortney - I'm so sorry to hear that you've been struggling. If you are unsure of what is going on with your body I highly recommend that you consult with your Gynecologist to determine if you are pregnant or if you are premenstrual.

My husband an I was having intercourse an he said that sometimes my inside is tight an other times its soft *forgive me ladies* but I'm confused bcuz then my period is acting weird because of it. Help any advice

Hi Jessie,

Cervical position changes throughout your cycle. If you are concerned, please consult your OB-GYN.


Irregular cycle, went to hospital, low fsh to lh ratio, induced menses with drugs, started taking metforming and clomid, I ovulated on 14th of and I had unprotected sex on 15th and 16th of last period started on 30th but suprising I bled for three days instead of 5 or 6 days that is 30-2ndd of july then I noticed a brownish discharge for another 3 days, that is 3rd to 6th...I did a blood test but it came out negative so I started taking clomiphen 50mg for five days starting on 4th of july then on 6th-8th, I noticed a thick creamy discharge that was slippery and a bit stretchy...I did a urine hpt, it came out negative and since 8th, I have been dry with hard tight cervix....please could someone tell me what is wrong?

Hello TTC - If you have struggling to track your ovulation and body temperature I suggest you consult with your OB/Gyn as he or she can assist you. If you're really concerned that there may be underlying issues you should consult with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me directly

Hi I have been trying to conceive for 9 months. They day checking body temp helps but i don't know how to check and what normal temps are and what it men's when they aren't normal. Please help

Hi, I recently checked my cervix and it is low, soft kinda mushy feeling, and open does this mean I am pregnant or am i gonna start my period soon? I am 13dpo and aunt flo is due tomorrow but I dont have any cramps really but I do have alot of lotiony like cm is this normal before a period or am i jus going crazy. I really hope i get a bfp and would b disappointed if i got a bfn as I am trying to wait til tomorroe to see what happens did anybody else go have similar symptoms

When I am on my period, my cervix gets very low and even seems like it's actually pushing the tampon out of me!!! It is also much that I can put my finger inside it!!!!!!! My two questions are; is this normal? And could my tampon end up going inside there if it happens to be open enough??! I am way too shy to even ask the doctor....but I really need an answer??!!!

I am 33 and have had 2 kids. I was recently told I have a low cervic. She told me this is normal after having kids. Never knew it was low and not sure what this means. Is this something I should be worried about. Now my periods are painful and not normal. They never that normal to begin with.

Hi my period is very regular 25/28 day cycle.but on the 16 feb I had 4 days of light spotting then two days later I had a medium period for 5 days.on which day should I count as day ttc

You would start counting on the day of your period or menstrual flow, not the day of spotting.

I had my smear test and the results came back fine, but the nursing sister said I have a hard cervix! I examined myself and it felt like it always does! She suggested I go back in 3 months for another check. What does a hard cervix mean, and should I be worried..

OK so, I need help trying to figure out if I am ovulating. I tried to reach my cervix by using my middle finger but the walls of my vagina is very wet and mushy. Sorry guys, I know its detailed. But I as was try to push my finger further, I couldn't feel anything. I felt like I was going down a deep whole. Does this means that I am ovulating?..

I've been checking my cervix, and its hard, closed and low. I'm 6 DPO, and can't test for another 3 days at earliest. Could I be pregnant? Also when I touch my cervix I cramp some afterwards.

I am 32 years old and my husband and I have been ttc for a while now- I've been with my husband for 10 years now married 2. We have been on and off with trying as it really effects me emotionally. I have been told I may have a tilted prolapsed cervic, endometriosis for since I was 15 cystic ovaries and have seeked out several doctors but my insurance doesn't cover infertility we are trying to save for out of pocket expenses. I was told that it's common for woman who have prolapsed cervic to miscarry so I was think of having a sarogent mother. I am just curious I check and track my cervic position every month along with cm changes for over a year now. Around my menses my cervis is low and dry right before my period. I am on a 28 day cycle and have menses for 7-9 days. I am late by three days my cervic is positioned high, med firm-soft and I have thick white sticky mucus my vaginal walls are tight. I have had a respiratory cold and Plan on seeing the doctor this week. It's just that it's very different this month. Anyone know why I possibly can be positioned this way and no period only medicine I've been taking is cold and cough

I am 60 and sex has become painful due to what I think may be dropped cervix? Is there anything that can be done about this? thanks

This may be an effect of menopause. You should speak with your gynecologist about it. Best, Claire

The cervix is normally low and hard, and somewhat open. If you have concerns, you should speak with your doctor. Best, Claire

my cervix is very low and seems to be open. I cannot seem to figure out what this means. should I be worried?

I've had one child and its been a few years now. My husband and I are very sure that during sex my cervix is "out of place" and his penis is going above my cervix. It seems to be hurting me. He has used his fingers to find my cervix and he thinks its in some sort of hole that he has to pull it out of. But when we looked at medical pictures it doesn't seem to look that way. When I go to my Gyno he has never said there is a problem, BUT i have never said anything either. I'm about to get a new gyno but I'm not sure if I should say anything or even if this is an actual problem.

You should definitely talk to your new gynecologist about your concerns. I wish you the best, Claire

Hi, checking for the fertility my ob has try to do pelvic test ,but the instrument is not going & it is very painful for me. what is the reason?

Its odd that females don't check their cervix during menstrual.. currently I am having a light cycle (so abnormal for me) and small bloodclots (so abnormal for me) that started 4 days late.. so I notice for a the last 2 weeks its been high and hard BUT it has been getting softer and not so firm as normal however still feels like the tip of a nose.. during this cycle that I had for 2 days I feel the cervix high and its gotten soft over 2 days.. for once after checking my cervix for 5 months I felt my cervix os during this cycle.. I think I may ovulate after my period is donr because last month after the 5 day I spotted for 2 days and I had egg white mucus with blood.. any way.. I hope that I'm correct about my body.. this science text book stuff is for the birds.. not saying its not helpful.. but nobody body works like clockwork like how they put it

Cheers for this article. I had never known about cervical position. I had never actually felt for anything in particular before (in my vagina) I had only ever inserted tampons! BUT now trying to conceive, I find this article very helpful as my cycle is irregular. I can actually feel the "o" Petty interesting :)

Hi i have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. It began when i got pregnant te first time i carried my baby for 4 months and miscarried it was horrible i wasnt the same after it took me a very long time to heal body and mind wise i really want to be a mother many of my friends are and everytime i look at a child i cry because of the one i dont have. I have tried to much i tried fertility pills my man tried takin pills. We always made sure when i ovulate we take steps in how much sex we have a day as i ovulate but nothing seems to work. My heart is breaking and im not sure what to do anymore :( please help me


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