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How Do I Know When I’m Ovulating?

The exact time when a woman ovulates depends on the length of her menstrual cycle . Women with a 28-day cycle generally ovulate around days 13 to 15.

Signs of Ovulation

Paying close attention to your body can provide helpful information regarding your ovulation. Examining your cervical mucus can also give information regarding ovulation. Before ovulation, your cervical mucus may be dry or sticky. Closer to ovulation, it may take on a creamier consistency. Right before ovulation, your cervical mucus may take on a slippery consistency similar to a raw egg white.

Your basal body temperature (BBT) can also tell you when ovulation is approaching. A special BBT thermometer can be used to measure your temperature to the tenth degree. An increase of about 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit higher than your normal temperature can indicate ovulation.

There are also secondary signs of ovulation, which may not be present in all women in a consistent manner. These include slight spotting, abdominal pain, breast tenderness, bloating, and increased sex drive.

Charting Your Basal Body Temperature

Charting your BBT to detect ovulation is relatively easy. With your special BBT thermometer, take your temperature at the same time each morning and plot the temperature on a chart. You should take your temperature the first thing in the morning after you wake up, before you move around or begin speaking. Also, try to get up around the same time each morning, so your temperature readings can be as close in time as possible.

When you see a temperature increase of 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, this can indicate ovulation. The shift in temperature should be the highest of the temperatures over the last six days.

After you chart your BBT for a few months, you should be able to see a pattern. This will allow you to plan the best days to have sex when trying to conceive.

Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs)

Ovulation predictor kits are at-home tests women can use to determine whether they are ovulating by checking their luteinizing hormone, which should surge sharply 12 to 48 hours before ovulation.

Unlike testing for basal body temperature, OPKs let a woman know in advance when she will ovulate, which allows her to plan intercourse accordingly. However, women who have irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or who take certain fertility drugs may experience misleading results.

The best time to have intercourse when using an OPK is the day of the LH surge and two days later. You may also want to consider having sex one day after that as well.

If you have been charting your basal body temperature and tracking ovulation, but still have not gotten pregnant, it may be time to see a fertility doctor. Current medical guidelines suggest that a woman under the age of 35 who has been trying to conceive for one year with well-timed intercourse, or a woman over the age of 35 who has been trying for six months without success should consult a fertility doctor.

Our Patient Care Advocates are current and former fertility patients who understand how anxious you may feel about the entire process. They are trained to match you with the perfect fertility doctor for your needs and to act as an infertility consultant throughout your journey- at no cost to you! Give them a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or by filling out the Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me form.


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I have used I sure and its result is good. I bought i sure online from healthgenie. The first day I tested was a neg and then for the last 3 days it has been positive. This means that im pregnant. Ovulation Strip will help you pin point your most fertile time of the month. Two days in your cycle, the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation are when you are most likely to become pregnant.

I am 35 and breastfeeding even though am planing to wean my baby cos she's a year plus but my problem is,for the past four months now my period has been irregular from the 29days cycle is to be. In sept it was 34, in october it was 26days, in Nov last month it was 31days and this month of December it has appeared today being 20days from the last .please I need an urgent help on how to calculate my ovulation time for this month cos I want to get pregnant. I am even having my ovulation prediction kit here at hand but confuuse on which day to start testing wit it for this month own. I will be very grateful to get a solution, Thanks and stay blessed

How many days am i going to count afrte my period to get my ovulation if i want to be pregnant thanks

If you need assistance tracking your ovulation I suggest you contact your Gynecologist and set up an appointment so that you can learn how to best track your ovulation.

Best of luck,

I'm 40 yrs old I been trying to be pregnant nd nothing is happening nd I also like to know when I'm a ovulation because my period started on 03/08/2014 please help.

I've been thinking about getting pregnant for 4 months now. I'm just learning this new method of checking your cervix and cervical mucus. I have the Implanon in my arm which I was suppose to have removed 10/26/2012 its almost 2 years overdue. I have been having unprotected sex and haven't conceived but I was wondering could i still get pregnant with the Implanon in my arm or will it continue to do its job, even though its 2 years out of date. until I get it taken out

Day McK - I did some research on not removing the Implanon when it is supposed to be removed and this can create/cause health risks for you. If you get pregnant while it is inside of you the website says you have a higher chance of experiencing an ectopic pregnancy where the baby begins to develop in your fallopian tube. You are also at risk for blood clots.

Implanon is a form of birth control - it should be removed if you are trying to conceive. You should consult with the doctor that implanted the Implanon to get it removed as soon as possible.

Best of luck.

I've been thinking about getting pregnant for 4 months now. I'm just learning this new method of checking your cervix and cervical mucus. I have the Implanon in my arm which I was suppose to have removed 10/26/2012 its almost 2 years overdue. I have been having unprotected sex and haven't conceived but I was wondering could i still get pregnant with the Implanon in my arm or will it continue to do its job, even though its 2 years out of date. until I get it taken out

My menses started yesterday 14th to end on 18th of did month,my cycle is 28th please what time is my ovulation. I want to get pregnant .Help me

Sheila, tracking your ovulation is case specific. Typically, you ovulate on the 14th or 15th day of your cycle but every woman is different. To track your ovulation properly I suggest you buy ovulation prediction kits. They can be found at your local drug store in the same isle as the pregnancy tests. If you are struggling to track your ovulation your OB/Gyn can also assist you.

Hi i got my periods on 16th jun and i really want to b pregnant pls advise wen to have pregnancy test coz i try every two -3weeks i gt nagative results and am nt on any pills

Khanif - Do you have a regular period? Have you been tracking your ovulation? In order to track your ovulation you need to have a regular period. There are 2 days each month when you are most likely to conceive and that is when you're ovulating. If you are struggling to track your ovulation I recommend that you consult with your Gynecologist as he or she can assist you in tracking your ovulation.

I got my periods sday ie;24-6-14 n my cycle always delay 4m month to always delay 5 to 6 days every month bt did month it has been delayed fr 11 pls ll u suggest me my ovulation date......n on dat date if have sex with out any precaution do I get pregnancy?????

Patil - if you need assistance tracking your ovulation I suggest you contact your Gynecologist and set up an appointment so that you can learn how to best track your ovulation

I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training however many women who have been on the depo shot experience issues conceiving afterwards. It can take 6-12 months for your body to adjust after being off of the shot. Birth control is typically the safest birth control route. If you need help finding a fertility specialist to assist you please feel free to email me at

I have been on depo provera for three months. My last shot due was January 26 2014 after three months I got my period back. I and my husband are trying to conceive how long will it take to get pregnant

It's great that you're paying attention to your menstrual cycle. I would next try to pinpoint ovulation either with a Basal Body Temperature or Ovulation Predictor Kit. Once you know when and if you are ovulating, you will have better information on when to have sex to get pregnant. Best, Claire

Hi I have been trying to convince since 5 month we have unprotected sex everytime but still am not getting pregnant . My cycle is sometimes 26 ,27 or 28 I never get to know when is my ovulation . This month I get on 7 march . Last month was on 9 feb . Can you help me to know whfn exactly I can try to convince thx

How can I tell if Im even ovulating? My 1st day of last peroid was on Feb 3 2014... And had sex on feb 14,2014. i believe my cycle is 22-24 days(irregular pms actually but usually 22-24 days)Do I count 8-10 days before or after my next pms? Im new to this...this gotten me confused..

If your cycle is 22-24 days you probably ovulate on day 10. (Day one is the first day of your period.) You can start charting your cycle with a Basal Body Thermometer and get to know your cycle by understanding cervical position and cervical mucous. You can also use an ovulation predictor kit to pinpoint when you ovulate.

I'm 35 years old, I had an etopic pregnancy 5 years ago, trying to fall pregnant ever since, I am on a 32 day cycle for da past several months and this month I got my period after 35 days, I get my period for 4 days every month, now I'm not sure wen I ovulate . Pleez help me

I am so sorry to hear that your two IUIs were unsuccessful. Are you being treated at an ob/gyn or fertility doctor? I ask, because I want to make sure you are receiving the best care, particularly because your periods are irregular. Please let me know. Best, Claire

Am so worried,I do hv my period 4 like 13 days,since abt 4 to 5 months nw,what do I do abt dis & it was 3 to 5 days I do hv my circle b4,and am 35 yet 2 have issue,i don't even no my Ovul.time atall What do I do & what drug can I at least use?

If your periods have changed, and are now a lot longer, you should talk to you gynecologist. You can track ovulation with an ovulation predictor kit you can buy at any drugstore. If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months, I would recommend you see a fertility specialist. If you'd like more information, please call our Patient Care Advocates toll-free at 855-955-2229 or email at Best, Claire.

I am 30 years old, I had a gastric bypass surgery on 3rd of september and i had an unprotected sex on 11th of october, he came inside me half of it but then i immediately washed it all, i missed the period in september because of this surgery, and before that i was using vaginal ring, i am not having periods yet, and i think i was not ovulating that day,i was regular before the surgery, i don't want to get pregnant now as i had this surgery, till next 12 months. Please help me.

hi i have been having problem getting pregnant.i have very irregular period.sometimes over a year before i see any and when i do sometimes its just spotting.i went to the doc did some test.ultrasound,hsg and hormone test.everything was ok except for the hormone test one was my doc started me on clostilgry r clomaine and metformin 2 days effective will my changes of getting pregnant be?thank you

Hi Toya, Only a doctor can tell you your chances of getting pregnant. Don't hesitate to ask questions, that is what your doctor and nurses are there for. Best of luck! Kim

I had my period 9/4/2013 (start date)and I had the one of may  12/5/2013(start date)hw will I know my cycle and know my ovulation dates

hi, i just got off depo last year in september its now may iv been on depo four years tho and me n my boyfriend been together for two we have been trying for eight months much longer u think it will take for us to have our baby?and my period is still irregular

i had miscarriage last year august since then av been trying to av another pregnancy but it didn't happen, pls i need your advice on this my period comes every 28 day ,pls which day will be my fertile. thanks.

I had my period on d 6th of this month, on d 10th day i startd having cramps, is it possible to ovulate on d 10th day. My circle is 29 days.

Hi Floxy, It is possible to ovulate on day 10. Have you used Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs) or charted your Basal Body Temperature (BBT)? Best of luck, Kim

I've been on birth control "depo" for 3 years. Me and my husband of 3yrs decided to start trying for a baby. I've missed my last shot the beginning of January. It is now mid April. Any answer to when might be a reasonable time to get pregnant?

Hi Shante, It could take up to one year for your cycles to return to normal after taking the depo shot. Women under the age of 35 should consult a fertility doctor if they have been trying to conceive for 1 year without success and women over the age of 35 should consult a fertility doctor after 6 months. Hope that information is helpful! Kim

Hi Cinthia, You should definitely consult a fertility doctor. Women over the age of 35 who have been trying to conceive for 6 months and women under the age of 35 who have been trying to conceive for one year might have an underlying fertility condition best diagnosed by a fertility doctor. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or fill out the Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me form: and we will connect you with a fertility doctor in your area. All my best, Kim

Hi Monica, Your best bet is to chart your Basal Body Temperature or purchase over the counter Ovulation Prediction Kits. You start using the OPKs on Day 10 of your cycle and when you see a positive result, it means you are ovulating. You can give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) if you'd like to consult a fertility doctor regarding ovulation and your miscarriage. We wish you the best of luck! Kim

I had a miscarriage last year have been trying so hard to get pregnant again...I have unprotected sex and nothing happen my doc gave me some clostilbegyt tablet to take.....can you advise me on my ovulation day my cycle is 25 days cycle.....please I need some help

Hi, I want to get pregnant, but there's a slight problem. I just recently stopped the depo shot for birth control, and I have my period every two weeks! I am confused as to when my ovulation period is. Please help!

Hi chana, It might take some time for your cycles to return to normal. If you are concerned, you should give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) and we will connect you with a fertility doctor in your area. Best, Kim

i have been taraing to get pregnency for 2-3yrs know iam teking clomid tablet my doctor advice to have asex every two days or have asex one day and kept two days so i heve no idia about ovulation and frias priod was 30/1/13 and today is my last day on 03/02/13 so please help me which is the best day to have sex on my ovulation day. please let me know. thank you vere match to sport wemans.

i want to get pregnant before the end of this year, my menses started today 5th of Dec. 2012. wen is the best date for me to make love so i can get pregnant? pls i need reply fast thanks.

Hey Jessy,

I'd suggest picking up a box of Ovulation Prediction Kits. These are at home urine tests you can start taking around day 5 of your cycle to see if you are ovulating. When you get a positive result, it means you are likely ovulating soon. If you have a 28 day cycle, you should be ovulating between day 12-14, but not everyone ovulates on the same day and not everyone has a 28 day cycle. Good luck!


I had a misscariage on the second of this monthly and I'm on my period now when will be a good time to try and have sex? please help!

I have been trying to get pregnant, don't know what happen.


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