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When to See a Fertility Doctor

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Those who may wish to see a fertility doctor, known as a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), include:

Women who:

  • Are age 35 or older
  • Have a history of pelvic infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, or pelvic pain
  • Need treatment for tubal damage or endometriosis
  • Had two or more miscarriages
  • Have irregular menstrual cycles, ovulate irregularly, and have not responded to clomiphene citrate
  • Were exposed to DES, a synthetic estrogen that was prescribed to millions of pregnant women from 1938 until 1971

Men who:

  • Have poor semen analysis, showing low motility, low count, or poor morphology
  • Have frequent urinary infections

Couples who:

  • Have tried to conceive for longer than 1 year with no pregnancy (6 months for women older than age 35), even though their tests come back “normal”
  • Are considering using assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Comments (9)

i have baby girl and i want baby boy, what should i have to do? is there fertility helps me to get baby boy?

its more of a question... me and mi fiance are trying to have a child and weve been trying for a couple of months now and nothing i have my period and everything... im 20 i know its kind of young but its really what i want. what should i do??

I've been trying to get pregnant for 3 years an no luck but before that i was on the depoprevera (i think thats how its spelt) shot an got off of it after 2 an a half years an im also hypoglicemic so wat culd be the problem??

I am in my early 30's and have never been able to conceive. As far as any of my doctors over the years could find I should be able to but still nothing. Maybe 8 years ago I did a round of Clomid with no results. At this time I no longer have insurance so i'm limited in the testing I can afford but back when the dr found my uterus was tilted and said that may be causing the problem. Im finding on my own that a tilted uterus shouldnt affect fertility but I do have several other factors. Im overweight, have a thyroid problem (recently started taking medication for it after a couple years without) and I just found out that I have a polyp on my cervix. The clinic says they think it just formed recently but who knows. I am frustrated and have pretty much just accepted the fact that I cant have kids but it makes me so sad to see everyone around me is pregnant (2 in my immediate family). I'd be open to any suggestions.

my husband and i have been trying for almost 2 years now and ive tried taking my temperture, counting days and having sex on the right days. but nothing has worked. i was on birth control for 10 years, could that have something to do with me not getting pregnant?

i have been with my finance for 2 years now and for the past year we have been trying to have a baby, we are a young couple i was wondering is there an age expectantance before you can be given any kinda of help with trying to concieve as in medical help.?

How can my mate and I have a baby?
He wanted a child since we first met 3yrs ago-we miscarried last yr. we both have health problems that can use some minor strengthening.

Still trying to learn more about my fertility and ovulation cycle with at-home ovulation predictor kit. I'm using Ovu-trac (, a kit that uses saliva samples to note hormonal changes to predict fertility. It's individual to me, which I like, since my cycle is so erratic. And it's easy to use. I've been using it for 4 months now. I figure I'll wait another 5 months until I think about seeing a specialist.

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