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Appointment Checklist

You may feel nervous or apprehensive before your first appointment with your fertility doctor. One way to decrease your stress about this visit is to come prepared for the appointment. This will help everything run smoothly and will give you the opportunity to gain as much understanding as possible from your first infertility appointment.

What to Bring to your Infertility Appointment

Before your appointment with your fertility doctor, it is recommended that you send over a copy of your complete medical history to the fertility clinic. This will give your fertility doctor the opportunity to look over any prior fertility treatments or medications you have used. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your records with you to your appointment so you can be sure the fertility doctor will have everything necessary in front of him.

Be sure to bring copies of your insurance card and prescription cards with you to your first infertility appointment. The financial advisor at the fertility clinic will be able to better answer your questions about insurance coverage and cost if he or she knows exactly what insurance provider and plan you have.

You may also want to bring your calendar with you. This way, you will know when you have any work obligations, vacations, or other responsibility that cannot be rescheduled. This will help plan any further testing or fertility treatment.

It is also helpful to bring someone with you to the appointment, even if your partner will not be undergoing fertility treatment. There is a lot of information that will be shared during your first appointment, so bringing someone with you can help make sure the information is processed and relevant questions are answered.

You may also want to bring a list of questions with you to your appointment with your fertility doctor. This will help make sure you ask all the questions you have planned and that you don’t forget any. Bringing a small notebook to jot down key answers is also a good idea.

Questions to Ask Your Fertility Doctor

At your appointment with your fertility doctor, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions will help you understand the fertility treatment process and will help you feel more in control of the situation.

You may want to consider asking some of the following questions to your fertility doctor:

  • What are the possible reasons why we haven’t been able to conceive?
  • Are there any lifestyle risk factors I should avoid in order to help me in trying to conceive?
  • What kind of fertility tests do you recommend?
  • What kind of fertility treatment should we try first?
  • What kind of side effects are there to this treatment?
  • In your experience, how often does this fertility treatment lead to pregnancy?
  • What are the risks of multiple pregnancies or multiple births?
  • How many cycles of this treatment should we try before moving on to another option?
  • What is the cost of this fertility treatment?

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